July 15, 2014

Weekend Recap & It’s OK Tuesday


I had a pretty entertaining weekend. I can’t I didn’t feel more tired on Monday morning.

Since I did have a somewhat entertaining weekend and I love participating in It’s OK Tuesday, I thought I’d combine them for this week.

It’s Ok that…

… Friday after work we had the guy from the Home Warranty service come by to look at our oven. It was working fine until just a couple of weeks ago when I couldn’t turn it off anymore. The 3 times I’ve used it since then I’ve had to use the breakers to cut off the power to the oven – which also means the fridge gets cut off. Luckily they did approve the fix and it’s only costing us $60 (not that I know what it would’ve cost without the insurance).

… I had to wake up at 6am on Saturday morning so I could take my mom to the hospital to get blood work done. I’ll talk more about this during my Day in the life of Kathy which will appear tomorrow.

… I had my brother come over to install a new kitchen faucet. He was going to charge me about $100 for that and a few other projects, but instead he’s accepting my old phone as payment (which he is turning around to give to my dad).

… my dryer has never dried completely and clothes would always come out cold. I had to put them up on craigslist and go out and buy a new set with Thomas. This resulted in hilarious embarrassing awkwardness. Make sure to read tomorrow for the whole story!

… I spent Saturday night with a few friends from work and my niece and nephew watching Frozen at a Movie Under the Stars event.

… I dragged my dad and niece to an Argentinean restaurant to watch the World Cup final on Friday. We played a good game and like all other Argentine’s I’m extremely proud of the team and our country. We exceeded everyone’s expectations and hey, Messi still won the Golden Ball award (even if it is controversial).

… I spent Sunday afternoon doing some clean up and then relaxing on the couch. I got Thomas hooked on Hemlock Grove on Netflix and we were trying to get as many episodes in as possible since he went out of town yesterday.



  1. My daughter loves Frozen.

    Looking forward to reading more about that Craigslist story!

  2. Your home life sounds like mine. Once one thing stops working, everything stops working!


  3. You have not had luck with appliances lately! Yikes!

  4. yuck for home appliance repair, but glad to hear it was able to be fixed for under $100!!