July 29, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

I'm typing this from a windows computer. I'm not a Windows person, but my husband is and he insisted I have a PC so that I can play video games with him (one of the few things that Macs aren't really good for).  I do use Windows at work, but it is for very limited things that only have to do with work (and blog writing sometimes). 

We had a nice weekend. On Friday Thomas invited me out to lunch which works for us because we work within a few blocks of each other. We went to Pizza Rev which is a fairly new pizza chain. It is amazing! Think of Subway's style of making your sandwich and apply that to pizza. I get to put as much bacon on my pizza as I want and whatever type of cheese and other ingredients I want for one price. 

While I made Thomas some Hamburger Helper for dinner I enjoyed my left over pizza! 

Saturday was our busy day. Nikki (my niece) has been planning a picnic for months. Every year she hosts one which I think is pretty cute. This year we had it at our local park which just had a water section added to it.  Now that I have the Galaxy S5 I can go into the area without being afraid of my phone being wet (Jonathan did tell me to be careful with my phone!)

My brother and me. Do we look alike?

Pretty good looking for an 80 year old, don't you think?

I treated the kids to some Snow Cones at the end of the picnic. 

That evening Thomas, the kids, and I were invited to Thomas' cousins' sons' 2nd birthday party. He's an adorable kid and we all had a really nice time!

Thomas cannot take a normal picture!

But before we could head to that party in the afternoon we had to do some cleaning up:

My brother has been helping us with some upgrades to the condo. He was fixing the sink but we kept having missing pieces to get an air gap. I had run the dishwasher once before earlier this week, but this time it decided to pop and we ended up with a kitchen full of water. Luckily the water wasn't too dirty and it was easy to clean up. 

I'm also happy that we hired a housekeeper that will start Monday afternoon. Yay to clean toilets, sinks, and floors! 

I'm tired just looking at all those pictures! Sunday was a little bit quieter. Thomas had to work all afternoon at his office so I went to Costco and Wal*Mart to run some errands and stock up on food (I cannot keep enough food in this house! He eats so much!). 

I had leftover ground beef from Friday's dinner and I needed to do something with it. I offered it to my mom who suggested I make some meatballs. GREAT IDEA! I had some more frozen ground beef and all the other ingredients that were needed. Plus Thomas loves spaghetti and meatballs! 

While Thomas does eat left overs, I think that the ones that we have he didn't like much the first time around so I don't think he's interested in eating them, so I wanted to make him something fresh Sunday anyway. 

Thomas will be out of town at the end of next week again. *sigh* At least we had a good weekend!
Ameliorer la Vie

And hey, it's okay that I'm posting this on Tuesday...

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  1. oh my gosh how fun does this look! i want to play in the water, lol. oh housekeeper, that sounds amazing! i want one :)

  2. Officially jealous of your housekeeper.

  3. mmm... bacon! I would seriously eat there everyday if we had it out here! Yum! The pictures look amazing and you definitely did have fun!