August 2, 2014

Accent Vlog Husband Edition

I was telling my husband about the Vlog link up and made him make one for me. I thought he was hilarious, what do you think? 

Does he have an accent? 

(how can I make this bigger???)

I couldn't help but laugh during it! 


  1. Ok, first your hubby looks like his head is growing out of a marshmallow? Second he had my same answer for gym shoes... uh, gym shoes? I was dying! Third, you guys are right. We californians (esp socal natives) do not have accents. everyone else does. ;) And lastly isn't it just like a man to be told to say a word and he says, 'poop'... LOL Oh and to answer your question, to make your video larger you go into the html portion of your editor and where your video html is you will see a number next to width and height change those numbers to 100 or 200 MORE than what they are and your video will be significantly larger :) Now, I think I am going to do a vlog with my daughters. You inspired me.

  2. Omg I'm dying over here! Poop? Really?

  3. haha. Hilarious. Love how he goes Gym Shoes and Grand parents. It's funny to watch some of these and the questions just stun some of it. cute though.