August 20, 2014

I confess that...

… I have a new car that I didn’t really need right now. It’s gorgeous:

Thanks to Thomas' cousin (posing with me) who got us a great deal!

… Thomas has a new car that he really did need:

… I was feeling anxious about getting the car since I didn’t need it. Thomas and I have had many expenses this year (after all buying a home and having a wedding aren’t cheap!) and we didn’t necessarily need to add to it. However we were able to pay for my car in cash and, after doing some budgeting – something we haven’t done yet -, we realized that it would take us 10 months to save up the cost of the car. 

This made us keep looking into how long it will take for us to save up enough for a down payment on a house. Not going into details, it will take us about 5 years, possibly a bit longer with the costs of having kids added (however we should both have some bumps in our salary in that period of time as well). 

… I still cry about my sisters’ passing. One of my co-worker’s mom passed away last week, another’s father passed away this week… and it just gets to me. Also when I have to let people know she has passed. 

… I’ve been in training this week and I’m tired of it. I want to go back to my work. 

… Okay I can’t stop talking about my car. It’s so pretty and shiny and has cute inside toys! But it doesn’t have navigation which is sad, but I guess it is okay. My phone works and Thomas’ car does have it. I’m pretty good with directions anyway

... I confess that I really wanted to train someone but after 2 weeks I am ready to go back to just taking my own calls.  

... I almost forgot this one... I'm donating blood to the Red Cross at work today! I help to organize and put it together (okay, I get most (if not all) of the sign ups, put up signs, and got people to help clear out the room so that the Red Cross can come and set up for the donations. And I donate blood. *wipes brow* Okay, it's not hard and I like doing it. Last year our office earned a plaque from the Red Cross for increasing our donations 233% (what a coincidence that it was my first year at the office ;) - can I toot my own horn anymore? This year we will have a total of 3 donations (we had one in March, the one today, and again in November) so I'm hoping we get some sort of recognition. 

Vodka and Soda


  1. hooray for new cars! :) it's super cute. And good job on the blood drive!

  2. So jealous of your new car! Love that smell!

  3. Ooooo pretty new car! And hahaha I love the Rose GIF!

  4. congrats about the new car :) and sorry for the sadness about your sister. it will always be tough but hopefully you can work on remembering the good times.