August 27, 2014

Wednesday Confessional

I'm making this fast because I did not have something scheduled for today...

... and I confess that even though I was not up on blogging, I did go ahead and prep a meal last nigh for tonight's dinner. Tonight will be pasta. How do I prep pasta you ask? Well by sautéing the onions with mushrooms last night and then this morning sticking them with with the pasta sauce and other things into a slow cooker. 

... I confess that the weight loss thing lost steam when I saw Costco had pumpkin pies in! Those are delicious. I may or may not have eaten an entire pie myself. 

Except that I put on a LOT more whipped cream than that.

... I confess that I had a tough night on Monday. Nothing went my way (minor compared to others) and I became over whelmed and began crying. 

... I confess that I had some vivid dreams last night. I couldn't explain them all, but as I type this I can remember thinking things were real and now realizing that they couldn't have happened. 

... I confess that I went to the back to school night for my niece and nephew's school last night. They both have amazing teachers! I think they will both have a great year (5th grade and 1st grade). 

... I confess that Thomas and I tried a restaurant that was new to us for lunch yesterday (awesome part of working down the block from each other) and it was great. Plus Tuesday's are their special offer days so we lucked out. 

... I confess that my intent is to use the 2 weeks that Thomas is out of town to clean up the office and get it organized. I might make a trip to IKEA and buy a bookcase that I really feel like we need at this point. 

And that will be it for this week! 

Vodka and Soda


  1. I LOVE BWW!! When I lived in Southern CA there was one like 3 blocks away from my apartment... I was there all the time! Pumpkin pie is amaaaaaaaazing.

  2. I confess I may have tilted my head to the side & re-read your BWW confession like 3 times to make sure I got it right that you had never been there before. I love that thought about getting a part-time job their in addition to my full-time job until I realized I would be working pretty much every Thur-Sun now that it's football season.

  3. Sorry for the tough night. I had one of those last week and it sucked! Here's hoping that tonight all goes EXACTLY like you want it!


  4. My husband and I went to BWW for the first time in YEARS this weekend. Hope you enjoyed it.

  5. I love wild wings! :) we don't go there often, but it's tasty! hooray for crock pot dinners. I used mine yesterday. what other recipes do you have?

  6. Sorry about your poopy Monday.

    But mmm, pumpkin pie. Love it.