August 15, 2014

Week Long Rewind and A GIVEAWAY!

Wow, what happened to me? I reach 100 followers on BlogLovin and I start slacking off? I had a very busy weekend which made it impossible for me to get a post out for Monday, and then Monday night Thomas and I ended up going out (more on that in a moment) and that ended any hopes of getting a post out for Tuesday. My post on Wednesday was written early in the morning and was inspired by all the other posts that I had been reading. 

So here is a mixed post of last weekend and the week. 

On Saturday I was offered overtime at work (along with some 60 other people) so I worked from 8am until 2:30pm. At time and a half I didn’t mind it. It was something different than what we normally do, so it was a nice change of pace.  Thomas and I were trying to do a game night for Saturday but no one wanted to come (sad face) so we ended up going to his parent’s house for dinner (for him) and a game. 

We ended up playing Cards Against Humanity. If you’ve played this then you know that it’s a pretty inappropriate game. And we played it with his parents, uncle, and older sister. It was hilarious! I loved it! 

I took my niece to get her hair cut on Sunday morning and we then did a bunch of shopping. I had a lot of grocery shopping to do for the week. I’m still working on my meal planning and sticking to it. The good news for you guys is that I will be having a raffle for a meal planner! The planner is pretty awesome! It was my first Etsy purchase and a good one! Keep an eye out for that post in the coming couple of weeks. In the meantime check out her shop.

I ended up walking 5 miles (thank you Galaxy S 5 S Health!) throughout the day. I was beat! Still, I got up from my short nap around 5pm and made some spinach gnocchi. And by made I mean I hand made it all! They weren’t as good as in the past. 

The week started off interestingly enough. I got home from work and was taking the elevator up to the 2nd floor when it stopped moving. I could tell it had stopped at the 1st floor (we have a G, 1st and 2nd) and no matter what I pressed it wouldn’t move and the doors wouldn’t open. I finally pushed the red “STOP” button which made it go up to the 2nd floor. Apparently this has been happening. Great. 

When I got in the condo with Thomas he decided that he didn’t want to register his Jeep and we should go looking for a new car. He called his cousin who works for GM/Chevy and after a quick steak dinner off we went to look at cars. 

As of right now we have two contenders. We first tried out the Chevy Equinox and then headed over to Toyota to look at their Venza. I’ve been admiring that car since I got mine 5 years ago. Let’s say that I’m disappointed. It’s not as pretty on the inside as I thought. Maybe it’s because we had just looked at the other car which had lots of bells and whistles. Thomas, on the other hand, actually like the Venza better. He test drove both vehicles and he said the Venza felt better, sturdier. 

The problem is that the base model of the Venza starts at about $30k, and the luxury version of the Equinox would run us under $25k (which is the maximum we wanted to spend). Thomas is agreeing to the Equinox, but I’m suggesting to go to the other Toyota dealer and seeing what deals they want to offer. While I prefer the Equinox (and I’m totally a Toyota person at heart) and would love having it, the car is for Thomas and he should decide what he wants. 

Tuesday was the first day of school for my niece and nephew. They entered 1st and 5th grades. My nephew's reaction when I asked him if he was ready was "yea, it's just 1st grade". 

Wow! My butt looks huge here

The rest of the week was pretty laid back. I have more overtime tomorrow until 2:30pm. At 3 I'm going back to help feed the homeless, and then right after that my husband and I are hosting a game night (and hopefully the people who signed up will go!). 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a week! Sometimes living life, rather than blogging about it all the time is refreshing.