August 5, 2014

Weekend Review: Where's the Wallet?

I’m a day late and a dollar short… okay a day late, but not the dollar thing – I’ve just always wanted to say that. 

I mentioned that I spent Saturday evening helping at a food pantry to give out food to those in need but I thought I would go ahead and talk about the rest of my weekend, too. 

My mom has wanted to take the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese for a while now and we have ended up being busy every weekend, so early last week I suggested we got this past Saturday. Thomas had been out of town for a few days, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t bail on the kids (especially Jonathan who was so excited about it). 

We had a very interesting start to our trip to CEC. I had purchased Cards Against Humanity online that morning and had forgotten my wallet on the bed. I didn’t realize this until I was picking my mom up. I called Thomas and asked him to bring it downstairs for me in 5 minutes. My mom got in the car and I picked up the kids and exactly 5 minutes after I called him I sent him a text to let him know I was on my way. 

I parked in front of my building and waited. I texted him. I called him. I texted again. No response. Finally I went upstairs. I walk in and everything was like when I left except that he wasn’t on the couch. I went to the bed to get the wallet but I didn’t see it. I called his name but he didn’t respond so I went back down thinking that we crossed each other. He wasn’t in the parking garage or the lobby. I was fuming at this point. I drove back to my parents (2 blocks) and then back towards my house and called him again. No response. I sent a ranty text and then we just left. 

Over the next hour I continued trying to get a hold of him by text and calls. Nothing. I was worried. My stomach was in knots. What if he was hurt? What had happened? A bit over an hour after I called him initially I called the HOA president who lives on the same floor as we do. I asked her if she could go and check on him. She said she would and that she’d call me back. It was probably only a few minutes but it felt like a lifetime before my phone rang. It was Thomas. 

Apparently in the 5 minute time span from when I asked him to bring the wallet down to the time I called/texted him he forgot I had asked this of him. When I had gone back upstairs I didn’t see him because he was in the 2nd bedroom playing video games. The door to the hallway was closed like when I left so I didn’t think he had gone in there. 


That was basically the most exciting part of my weekend. Unless you count the 25 cent oil based Sharpies we got on Sunday at Office Max. That was good, too. 


  1. Oh frustrating! Boys is sooo right. I love that Chuck-e-Cheese is still around for the kiddos!

  2. Yup. Boys!

    My kids love Chuck E Cheese.

  3. Boys! My husband forgets things 5 minutes after I ask him too. BTW, LOVE the title of you blog!