August 18, 2014

Weekend Warp Up - Car Edition

This weekend was all about cars! As I mentioned on Friday Thomas and I were looking to buy a car for him to replace a 2000 Jeep Cherokee which is on its last leg before needing a lot of work done to get it in good condition (no A/C, window doesn't roll up, etc etc). Thomas kept going back and forth over which car he wanted. 

He has a cousin who works for GM so we headed there first. We saw a couple of cars there but I wanted to look at the Toyota Venza which I had been wanting for 5 years. As soon as I got in it though I really didn't like it. The only positive part of it was the cell phone holder not worth buying a car over. We left thinking we'd go back and get the Chevy Equinox we had seen at GM. 


Thomas doesn't really smile in pictures much.

On Saturday morning we headed to a different Toyota dealer who showed us the Prius which Thomas had been talking about over the course of the week. He loved it. He didn't even have to test drive it. But they weren't really giving us too great a deal so we took the information they gave us and headed over to GM to talk to his cousin. He also wanted to check out the Camaro, as I'm sure most men want to. He wasn't too happy with it though and continued talking about the Prius - even though his cousin was very adamantly against him going that way. 

His cousin called Toyota and got us hooked up with a deal which we were going to check out at 9:30am Sunday morning. At that point we had been out looking at cars for 5 hours and we had guests coming over in 30 minutes. We had started to go over my car but the color I chose wasn't in stock so they had to order it from another dealership which should have it over to them by this afternoon (crosses fingers). 

We had 2 strangers along with Thomas' sister and her friend come over to our place Saturday night to play some games. We played Munchkin which was new to all of us, Cards Against Humanity, and Bonanza. All very fun games!


In the Sunday morning paper there was an ad for another Toyota dealership offering the Prius 4 (we had been looking for the Prius 3) for quite a low price (under $25k). We got over to that dealership before they opened and were the first ones there. The car was in the color he wanted and after major dealing and wheeling and another 5 hours of talking and signing papers we finally had a car! 

Except we don't. 

After we went through the financing and signing all the paperwork we went out to get the keys and take a look around the car. Almost immediately I spotted a small, but significant, scratch on the back bumper. Something that you might get fixed if you had the car for a year, for a brand new car we definitely needed that fixed. We left the car there so that they can repaint the back bumper and buff out a few other areas around the car. 

It's hard to see, but right near the middle you can see two marks. It was really hard to photograph, but trust me - it's there!

We'll get to pick it up either late tonight or tomorrow (more likely tomorrow). 

We ended Sunday by picking up a wood chest to put at the food of our bed. I received an e-mail that it was being given away through Freecycle (check it out if you haven't!). It's a really nice piece! The same couple is giving away a headboard/sides for free as well which we are also getting! These are probably worth $1500 between the two all for free! I'll post pictures of them once I get them all! The chest is sitting in Thomas' Jeep at the moment because the elevator in our building is broken and we can't bring up 2 floors :(. 

I hope your weekends were as entertaining and fun as ours! I feel very grateful that my husband and I are in an economic place where buying two cars is feasible. These car purchases are not putting us under and we are not using money we don't have. In the field of work I am in most people I help don't have cars and probably never will - even a cheap 10 year old used one - so I feel very grateful to be where I am and to be able to make the purchases we wan to make.

Ameliorer la Vie

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  1. Congrats on your new Prius! My roommates just bought a Prius and they love it!

  2. You certainly had a crazy busy weekend! I've never heard of Freecycle before.. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for linking up today, Kathy! :)

  3. I'm glad you found a car you love. We're looking at cars, too!

  4. Yay for a Prius!

    I have a hybrid too. It's a Honda Insight.

  5. Congrats on the new car!! I love Freecycle - and especially that it's saving the environment!! There is so much great stuff given away on there that would just junk up a landfill otherwise.

  6. Yay for new cars! So glad you were both able to find one.