September 8, 2014

A Day In My Life

Today I am guest posting over at Knock on Wood - Amanda Nicole's blog. She was the first person that I really got to know when I got back into blogging and we became really close really fast. She also happen to get married a week or so before I did!! 

So I've done more than enough of A Day In My Life posts. However the other option was to talk about music and I am not a music person and I would have nothing to say. 

I didn't take pictures at every hours, mostly because I completely forgot. However I'll go ahead and do a recap of my Sunday because it was full of activity. 

My husband is away for work for a total of 15 days and I'm totally missing him, so I'm trying to keep busy. Also I'm spending time with my family. 

On Saturday my mom helped me clear up our office so that when on Sunday we went to IKEA I would have space to put a new bookcase. 

Sunday morning my mom, Nikki, and I went to the cemetery to leave some flowers for my sister. 

My sisters' niche is the second from the left on the top row. This is the view from across the parking lot (and that's my new car). 

A close up of the niche with the pretty flowers we bought for the week. 

After putting the flowers there we walked around for a while looking at the other graves. My brother had gone to pick up a tree across town and we had to wait for him to get back. 

My mom and I dropped off my niece and picked up my brother. I had bought a Boogie Board for my niece at JoAnn's on Saturday but it had a scratch on it so I had to stop by and make an exchange. Since we were there we checked out their sales and my brother and mom picked up about $200-$300 worth of crafts and activities for about $70. 

We then headed off to IKEA. We got there nearing lunch time, so we went straight to the restaurant. Have you had the food at IKEA? It is surprisingly good! 

I'm on a mommy and me selfie kick!

After lunch we did our walk through IKEA and at first we stopped while my brother looked at some furniture and took another selfie.

The very long boxes for our new bookcase fit wonderfully inside my new car! Love it! We headed home some time around 1pm. 

When we got home my dad came over to help me put together the bookcase.

It went smoothly and I thought "wow! I've never built anything with such ease before!" I should've known it was going to backfired on me. When I was ready to add the bottom shelf I noticed I had put in two of the panels in the other's place. Which meant I had to either do a quick fix or undo what I did and re-do it again. 

I tried the latter, but it just became a mess. While I did get everything put together, it's not looking too good. I'm also missing a piece which I e-mailed IKEA about on Sunday night. 

My night also included gluing my fingers together, getting glue into one of our cereal bowls and then proceeding to glue a washer to the bottom of said bowl. It's very frustrating. 

Then I got a call from Nikki saying that the Boogie Board she got was missing the pen. Great! A third trip to JoAnn's will happen after work today.

With my husband gone and all of these things going down on Sunday afternoon - the weekend did not end on an up note. 

But today is a new day. I'm going to make the best of it and cross another day off from my wait to have my hubby back. 


  1. Ikea stuff never gets put together easily for me. here's to a new week and better luck!

  2. I need to go try out the restaurant in IKEA.

  3. Sorry you had a rough weekend- at least you got some yummy Ikea food?!

  4. Sorry your weekend wasn't the best. We all have them though. Ikea always looks so easy, but I always have the hardest time figuring it out! Thanks for linking up for our weekend recap!
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