September 1, 2014

Birthday Planning

I've only thrown parties that are mostly disorganized and nothing matches. Then I organized my wedding and it turned out okay. 

This is sort of a brain dump of what has been worrying me. 

But now I'm freaking out! My dad turns 80 on 1 month from today, the same day I turn 30. I think that 80 is a pretty important number so I decided I would throw a party for him. But I don't know what to do or how to really organize it. 

One of things I really hated doing for our wedding was the decorating, that's why it was nice having it in my in-law's back yard where the plants were natural decorations. Then my husband's aunt added decorations to the backyard. 

The party will be in the recreation room in my parents' complex (my dad knows nothing about it and I hope it can be a surprise!) which is an okay looking place, but I definitely need to add decorations to make it look festive. 

I went into Party City this weekend and unfortunately they don't have much in the way of 80th birthday party supplies. The only items that were actually packaged as "80" were some plates and napkins. There are other decorations in which you can add any number you want - which I am thinking will be the way we have to go. 

With that decided I still have to figure out how much I need of which items. Do I need streamers? Should I get balloons that say 80 or just different colored ones? Do I buy a helium tank or should I just get them filled at the store? 

There are SO many things to consider and I hate doing it all. If I just had all the things in front of me I can decorate, but going through the picking and choosing? I hate it. 

If anyone wants to go through Party City's site and tell me what I should get - that'd be awesome! 

The only things that I have accomplished has been getting the invitations made. They were designed by The fabulous Amanda Nicole from Knock on Wood and I had them printed at Wal*Mart's website. I know that the food will come from the same place that catered my wedding and that the cake will come from my high school friend who made my wedding cake. 

I also have the invite list. 

I would like to be able to celebrate my birthday - and I'd love my husband to throw me a party. My husband's cousins' husband threw her an awesome 30th party 2 years ago and I would love something similar... but I know it won't be coming for me.

Okay. I know this was pretty crappy as posts go, but I needed to get my anxieties about this out! 


  1. When it comes to parties I have all of these grand ideas but I am horrible at their execution. 80 is a big deal. I hope your dad has an amazing birthday. I am pretty sure he will love any party you throw for him.

  2. Have you checked pinterest for decorations or ideas you might like to start from? What about a theme of some sort... like go off of the invites and create a theme around them. I'm sure it'll turn out perfect

  3. I'm sure that you will do just fine. Your wedding turned out amazing and this party will too!