September 16, 2014

Day 16: Where Would You Go?

TuesdaySept. 16: If you could drop everything and get on a plane for a two week vacation right now, where would you go and why?

My answer for this always seems to be Argentina. I just adore the country and even though I’ve been there 7 times I keep wanting to go back to see the things I have yet to see. I want to travel to Ushuaia which is the southernmost tip of any country before reaching Antartica. I would love to go back to Mar del Plata and go swimming in the Atlantics warm(er) waters. I’d love to go to Mendoza and see the vineyards (even if I don’t drink wine). So many options!

But I have been there 7 times and I should check some other parts of the world out.

I would then love going to Europe. My ancestors originate from there and it would be amazing to be in the same streets they were all in. My maiden name, Lacabe, is the name of a town in northern Spain – what people call the Basque Country. It has a long history and I would just love to visit the area. My brother went this past spring with his kids and wife.

My niece and nephew in front of the city sign.

Another branch of my family comes from Lago di Como in northern Italy. You might recognize the name as the lake that George Clooney has a house by.

My mom was able to go 20 years ago and visit the home her grandfather lived in. She also got to spend time with her cousin and his mom (who has since passed away). I have met her cousin, but only while we were both in Argentina.

I think it’s amazing that she got the chance to be there and I would love to do the same. While there I would love to visit Rome and take a picture with the pigeons as my grandfather did many years ago. I’d also take the time to go to Venice and take a Gondola ride with my babe. It would be super romantic, I just know it.

I suppose it would also be nice to visit Paris someday, but it’s not at the top of my list.  The same with London. I would like to visit Germany, since another branch from my family tree comes from there, but I don’t feel the strong connection to it as I do the other countries.

Where would you visit?


  1. You've been to Argentina 7 times? That's really cool. I've never been out of the states so I'm a little jealous right now!