September 5, 2014

I'm Passionate About....

I am passionate about… 

Today’s topic was a bit more difficult for me. I see people around me being very passionate about different topics. My sister is super passionate about keeping her hometown secure, honest, friendly, etc. She and her husband are known by everyone where they live.  She has always found something to be passionate about – especially human rights. She is even a Human Rights Attorney.

I don’t feel like I have passion about anything in that manner. I see the people around me that really do feel passionate about things that make them get out and take action, and I feel sort of left out because I haven’t found that thing that makes me want to get up and shout from the rooftops.

The definition of passionate is: showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief. 

I suppose that I have many strong feelings. My husband would say that I like to argue and always be right. I guess he is right. What do I argue about though? I argue when others or I are mistreated by big corporations; when corporations try to get things by consumers just because they can. When employees try to go on power trips I get passionate about getting what I should get.  (Which may or may not sound self-centered to you, but that’s the way it is)

My husband thinks this is wrong and we often argue about it. I’ve had to bite my tongue and sit back in some situations so that we don’t get into a discussion about it. 

I guess I am also passionate about family. I try to spend the most time possible with my husband, parents, nieces and nephews. I also cannot wait to be a mom myself, even though I feel like my nieces and nephews are my own.  I will usually opt to spend time with them (and my husbands’ family) over going out with friends. 

Work is the only other thing that I can think of. Well, not exactly working but being able to help people live a little easier is something I love being able to do. I always try to go the extra mile to get people what they need. I recently had a situation at work where my supervisor wasn’t around and I had to find one that would authorize something for me, I could’ve just let it be, but I searched until I found someone who would help me out. Others might not do that (I know many who definitely wouldn’t). 

So I guess I am passionate about some things… just not in the ways I see others and so I just don’t see it in myself. 

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  1. Just hopping over from the link-up :) I really relate to this post! I struggle with what I'm passionate about as I feel it's always changing depending on the season of life I'm in. It's great you have a passion for your family though!