September 23, 2014

It's Okay Tuesday...

It's okay that....

... I have had zero will to blog. 

... I feel overwhelmed with everything I have going on in the next 6 weeks. 

Let's write it all out, maybe that will help?

  • 9/23 - Pick up my car at the dealer after dropping it off to get some things taken care of. Plus I'll be picking up some lamps that I found on craigslist tonight. The good part of this? I am getting 2 for the price of 1! I was going to buy it at IKEA, but I found them online last night and I got the guy to sell them to me for much cheaper!
  • 9/27 - FunMania: our company picnic, it's an all day thing with tons of events including our offices competing against other offices in different sports. The night before I have to pick up a pop-up tent and tables from my in-laws. 
  • 9/27 - in the afternoon there is a game day. We will likely do the 50 mile drive to go to that. 
  • 9/28 - I have to put together 2 Shutterfly books for my wedding. I have 2 codes that expire on 9/30/14 so I need to get them done on Sunday. 
  • 9/30 - My father-in-law's birthday!
  • 10/1 - MY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm assuming we might go out for my birthday, I don't know. We haven't really discussed it. It's also my dad's birthday.
  • 10/3 - My sister and her family drive down for the weekend. My sister and her husband are staying with us, their kids will stay with my brother.  Also I have to start decorating for Saturday.
  • 10/4 - My dad's surprise birthday party! Depending on how long this lasts, I would like to take my niece to Hollywood to see BSB's star on the walk of fame. 
  • 10/7 - my niece's 10th birthday! 
  • 10/11 - my niece's birthday party! a dentist appointment (for both of us!)! and at 7 we're going to a Jack O Lantern event.
  • 10/13 - a couple of co-workers are coming over to bake for an event at work on 10/16.
  • 10/14 - Disneyland! I'll be going in the afternoon for Mickey's trick or treating night event. 
  • 10/16-10/19 - We'll be going camping in Carpenteria. It'll be many members of Thomas' family, maybe 20-25 people. 
  • 10/24 - my brother's birthday
  • 10/31 - Halloween! 

Okay, it's a lot. I'm not sure if writing it out helped or not. Either way - all that is on my mind. On top of it, my house is still a mess and I want it to be cleaned up before my sister gets here. I'd also love to get it into Fall decorations. I did buy some small pumpkins over the weekend, but this place needs someone to come in and to organize it for me, because obviously I'm not good at it. 

And all that is not mentioning that the weekend before last I worked the Green Fest and then went on a bus to the Chumash Indian Casino with my parents ALL day. I was out of the house for 13 hours each day. Then this weekend I went to the LA County fair with Thomas and ran errands on Sunday. 

... I'm making lunch for my hubby. Hopefully it's acceptable. 

So if you don't see me around these parts, you can see why. I'll try and post, and I do have some definite posts coming out (For example What Makes me Quirky? I was tagged by Amanda and Melissa for that!) but it might not be every day. Okay, it will definitely not be everyday. 

Have a great Tuesday! 

Airing My Dirty Laundry


  1. Wowza! that's a lot for sure, but hopefully it'll be fun. :) lots of birthdays! Can't wait to see what makes you quirky.

  2. Just take it all in and do it one day at a time. You've got this!

  3. You do have a busy couple of weeks! But it sounds awesome. Especially the Disneyland bit!

  4. wow you have A LOT of events coming up for sure. my father in law's bday is the 29th and my dad's is the 30th. its ok that you don't have a will to blog, we all go through that for sure.

  5. I am not jealous of your busy schedule. Just remember to take one thing at a time and breathe. You got this!