September 15, 2014

My Conversations: Jonathan Style

I’m linking up with my blog bestie Amanda Nicole today to bring you the cutest/funniest/strangest things my nephew has said.

I had just had a text conversation with Amanda and Melissa about this link up Amanda is doing  the day before when my nephew just made laugh out loud.

Jonathan is 6 and has some autistic tendencies (he is being provided services for autism). I was reviewing his homework with him and had him re-write something. He had to write a D but he wrote it backwards, so I asked him about it.

Me: Which direction should that go?

Jonathan:  Knowing what I meant But the small d faces that direction. Why doesn’t it face the other way?

Me: You are right, but if it did then it would be a “b”.

Jonathan: Why did God make the D’s face one way and the B’s face another way?

Me: Trying to not laugh, I tell my mom who was sitting a few feet away. God didn’t create the alphabet.

Nikki; Jonathan’s almost 10 year old sister: The Greeks came up with the alphabet.

Jonathan: Ignoring his sister. Well then who did?  President Clinton? Bob Dole?

Jonathan also, on various occasions at restaurants has said the following to waiters after they take his order:

“Thank you my good man!”

I was going to include a video that I made of Jonathan regarding his new found passion for hot dog making - but I was out of my house for more hours than I was in this weekend and didn't have time to upload it. Come back for it on the 30th! It's worth it! 

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