September 30, 2014

September 30, 2011

Lately I’ve seen a few people talk about how they met their boyfriends/husbands and I thought I’d get in the game. Most recently I read Two Martini's post about meeting her husband on OkCupid so I wanted to share my story – although it’s not as hilarious as hers (so go read hers!)

All my dates came from meeting someone online. Okay, no, that’s a lie. I once dated a waiter but that was short lived – maybe 2 dates. I used all the dating sites, including OkCupid (actually, I think that was my second favorite of the dating sites).

I met my husband on Craigslist. Yes, you read that right. Craigslist. The site that people are afraid of, that is thought of as a place that people meet murderers or rapists. The place people joke about when they buy something off of it. But it worked for me and I was never afraid.

I know many people don’t know that you could even meet people off of CL (that’s the short version) but you can. There is a personals area where you can either post an ad looking for a date or you can reply to others ads. There is plenty of spam posts and you will surely receive a lot if you post, but they are pretty obvious so it isn’t a big deal.

I had done the replying to posts however I found that for me it was easier to post and have people reply to me. Sometime in the summer of 2010 I posted and got a reply from a guy who seemed pretty neat. I replied to him inquiring about where he lived and a picture. He replied that he lived in Compton and with his picture. I didn’t reply back to him.

Apparently this guy turns out to be my husband. I don’t remember this and I don’t have any of the e-mails saved and he hasn’t shown me proof, but I suppose I’ll believe him. He says that I didn’t reply because of the picture he posted, I tell him that I’m sure that it was because of him living in Compton. Not only a bad neighborhood, but probably 40 minutes away from where I lived.

That's Thomas in the background. This was our first date. 

Fast forward a year and I get another reply to another post. We start talking. He seems familiar and I ask him if we had met before (sometimes that happens in the online dating world) and he tells me no. LIAR! He replies with a picture and that he lives in a neighborhood only a few minutes (7 to be exact) from me. I reply back proving that it wasn’t his picture but where he lived that turned me off the first time.

Our first Christmas (a few days before) together. 

Our first 4th of July together (2012)

Our first camping trip 8/2012.

Thomas accompanied me to my 10 year HS reunion.

I'm sure you can figure this one out.

We texted back and for the for a few weeks before we had our first date, which was 3 years ago today – the day before my birthday!


  1. I love this. My husband actually mentioned how he was going to sell something on Craiglist this weekend and I was all, "HECK NO YOU AREN'T."

  2. I still love this story! You guys are so cute!

  3. Aw, love this story. And love the pictures too!