September 17, 2014

Why I Do What I Do

Wednesday, Sept. 17Tell us about why you started blogging. What is your favorite part? Least favorite part?

I began blogging long, long ago in the good ol’ days of  LiveJournal. I began somewhere in the late summer/early fall of 2002 when I graduated high school.

I was away from home for the first time and didn’t have any friends. I wanted some sort of outlet. This was prior to the Twitter days, so my blog sounded a lot like Twitter does now.

For example:

November 30th, 2002 (click on the link if you want to read my old, old, old posts)
  • Nov. 30th, 2002 at 11:47 PM
  • 11:57 PM
My First Post on LJ
Oh! I got my very own Live Journal! Kel offered me a code... and so here I am. I'm really excited about it. I might try to make this work with my other blogging site. But if I can't... then that's cool to. I won't have to pay for the domain, and this is much easier to update. From anywhere! I don't have to be on my computer or have FTP or anything. Yay!

Well, I'm going to post and see how this works... and if it's how I want it! Thank you Kel! MUAH!

I jumped over to my sisters’ server at some point (and I’m not sure that I still have those posts L) and then to WordPress. I tried Blogger for a while and didn’t like it, so I quickly went back to WP. However I never wanted to spend money on getting a design, so I always had the templates. I tried going about it the cheap way and it didn’t work out. Eventually (okay, this past spring) I decided to just go for it and pay for a layout and go to Blogger – since the designs for blogger are so much cheaper!

My reason for restarting my blog life was simple. I was in the middle of wedding planning and it was stressing me out majorly. My husband and I started arguing quite a bit and I knew I needed an outlet for my frustrations. I think it worked. It also became a lot more fun this time because I began to spend time commenting on others’ blogs and becoming active in what I was doing blog-wise, which has been great. I’m impressed with the number of visitors my blog has received on a daily basis and that I have 110 BlogLovin followers.

I think most bloggers will say that their favorite part of Blogging is the community that it builds. I would agree I’ve met some great people in the last few months and I feel like I am a part of some people’s lives and that they are a part of mine. I also love that it does allow me to talk about whatever I want to talk about – and so far without any negative responses.

My least favorite part of blogging, I think, is the amount of time it takes. I don’t even put as much time into my blog as many other bloggers do (those who are much, much, MUCH, bigger than me) but I do dedicate quite a bit of time to writing my posts, reading others, and commenting. I don’t have internet access at work so I have do all my commenting after work, and sometimes I really don’t want to. I come home tired and it’s the last thing I’m thinking of doing. But I do want to and it’s essential for my blog.

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