October 21, 2014

Camping Time!

I spent this past weekend camping with Thomas and many members of his family (I think that there were 40 different people there over the course of the 4 days!). When Thomas and his siblings and cousins were little his parents would take them all camping. One of this cousins, who now has a 2 year old, wants to restart this tradition so she put together a nice family trip at El Capitan State Beach.

I took Thursday and Friday off work (Thomas took the whole week). We headed up on Thursday and started to set up. Like normal I was really bad at taking pictures, but we did get some nice ones.

The only camping I ever did as a child was with girl scouts and not nearly as often as Thomas seems to have gone. I think I was more excited about the camping trip than most of the people there.

El Capitan State Beach is slightly north of Santa Barbara, so on Thursday afternoon we were looking to get some Jamba Juice and the only one around was on the University of California, SB campus. I have never seen so many bicycles in my life. The campus has bicycle paths for them to ride on and the bike riders have the right away on those. It was pretty cool to see.

On Friday we headed to the beach for a while, where Thomas tried very hard to throw me into the water. He succeeded in just taking me in waist deep. That water is cold though! I much prefer the Atlantic for going in.

After dark on Friday Thomas took me back down to the beach, in the dark, so that we could have a romantic moment under the stars. I know some of you live in small towns where you see lots of stars nightly, but when you live in a big city with lots of lights it is amazing to be on a beach and see all the stars. It was gorgeous.

On Saturday Thomas and I spent most of the day with one of his cousins’ and his faincee (they are getting married on Friday! We went back down to the beach and then the kids, I mean Thomas and his cousin, played rock wars.

We then spent most of the afternoon playing different board games. It was a great evening. 

We took a family picture on Friday and Saturday nights since some people left and others arrived. 

I am having technical issues. Facebook pictures do not want to show up for me. I think this means I need a new computer. Or at least I'm trying to convince Thomas of that.


  1. How nice that you were able to take two days off - looks like fun!!

  2. What a great long weekend! It's been so long since I've been camping. I might have to convince Philip we need to try it sometime.

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. It's been ages since I've been camping.