October 30, 2014

Conversations: Jonathan Speaks!

Here we are again for Knock on Wood's Conversations link up! I love reading about other people's funny conversations and so I've been trying hard to remember the funny ones I have with my family and friends (or maybe the ones I eavesdrop on!). 

All my posts have been about Jonathan (my nephew for anyone who doesn't know) because he just cracks me up.

A few days ago Jonathan (who, by the way, is 6 years old) saw a magazine on a chair at my parents’ house. It’s a magazine from Uruguay published in Los Angeles that my dad picks up when he does some shopping at an Argentine store.

This is the back cover:

Jonathan looked at it and exclaimed: “OMG! That’s horrible!!”

Me: What’s horrible??

Jonathan: Are you kidding me?? I’m not ready for S-E-X!!

I don't know if I should be worried, concerned, surprised, or proud! We've always known that he is bright and he catches on really quickly so it's not really a surprise that he would make the connection from the sexual references he might hear/see on TV. BUT it might not be the best that he knows all this at such a young age. 

Knock on Wood

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  1. HAHAHA omg I died the first time I read about this on twitter and now with the picture to go along with it! He's adorable!