October 1, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!

On this day, many, many years ago a lovely baby was born. That baby turns 80 today!

No, not me – my dad! Today, on top of it being my 30th birthday, it is my dad’s 80th.  I was my mom’s gift to my dad on his 50th birthday. That’s what happens when there is a 10 year age difference in marriage (my mom was 40.5 when I was born).

I’m not sure what’s going on for my birthday today. Last night we went to dinner because it was my father-in-law’s birthday. And I think we’re going to dinner tonight at Ruth’s Chris, but I’m not sure. See… that was my favorite steak restaurant until I went to Steak in Las Vegas (Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant). Steak is amazing. Ruth Chris… well it’s almost as expensive and not at the same quality as Steak so I feel that it’s a waste to spend $150  for dinner for the two of us for food that I just don’t feel is worth that amount.

However, I think my mother-in-law told Thomas to take me there and I think he went ahead and made reservations. Which will be just fine. I guess I’ve concentrated so much time towards my dad’s party, that I’m a bit bummed that there isn’t more attention to mine. I love birthdays’, especially mine. I feel like this is a big one and I feel like I’m going to be let down. Some other stuff happened, birthday related, that really irked me, so that hasn’t helped.

I guess I wanted attention… and I don’t know how much I’ll get. I guess that’s the negative of sharing a birthday with your dad.

On the bright side: there will be a great cake and great food at my dad’s party on Saturday and I cannot wait to see how surprised he is. I’ll be scanning in pictures from when he was a baby until now and putting them up on a board for people to look at. He was a very cute kid! I’ll be sure to post pictures next week after the party!

I will also be celebrated at work. We're bringing lunch into the office today and then we're going to lunch on Friday. It'll be nice! Look out for Instagram because I know my cubicle will be decorated when I get to work! 

(I hope I didn't sound too negative or whiny!)

I also wanted to wish a happy birthday to Faith over at 'Cause You Gotta Have Faith who shares this wonderful day with me. 


  1. Happy Birthday my dear. I say it's totally fine to want to be the center of attention on your birthday. Esp one like 30. I threw josh a surprise party this year for his 30th birthday. I think if you want attention on your birthday you deserve it. Just come see me and Amanda and we'll shower you with attention. lol

  2. I hope you ended up having a wonderful birthday!! And Mel is right! Come see us and you'll be begging for us to leave you alone!

  3. Happy Birthday to you and your Dad!

    I hope you have fun.