October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to come by and wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween! I'll be dressing up Minnie Mouse again - this time with a nose and everything. 

In the morning I'll be going to the kids' school for their Halloween parade. This will be Nikki's last as she'll be going to middle school next year. Jonathan is in 1st grade so we have a few years to go with him (And also start all over with mine in a few years!). 

I'm keeping the costume on for work (even if I'm the only one who dresses up - it's Friday after all!), although I'm taking a change of clothes just in case I need to do a switch. When I went to Disneyland with this dress I ended up getting very uncomfortable. 

My brother will take the kids trick-or-treating at the mall in the afternoon, and when it gets dark we will hit up the streets. 

SoCal has been extra warm this summer and there is rain in the forecast for tonight (depending whom you ask) so let's keep our fingers crossed that the rain holds back a while. 

I also wanted to mention that starting tomorrow, NOVEMBER 1st Knock on Wood is hosting a November List Link-Up. You can pick any of the topics she has typed up and post on any day you want, or if you want, you can post in order like I plan to. Who doesn't love getting to make lists! 

You can see the list over there and use the button below to link up with her! 

Knock on Wood - List Yourself

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