October 16, 2014

Mickey's Halloween Party!

Last year a co-worker took her daughter to Disneyland for their Mickey's Halloween Party. For you non-Disneyland goers - it is special night time event at Disneyland in which kids (and adults!) can dress up and go trick-or-treating around the park! 

I put the idea in my mom's head that we should take the kids this year as a birthday present for my niece (who turned 10 on the 7th). She agreed! So on Tuesday, my mom, the kids, and I headed out to Anaheim (about an hour or so away) after school to partake in this exciting trip! 

Jonathan got to participate in some dancing with the guys from M.U. He was jumping all around and entertaining one of the guys that was working there for the show, so he got invited to participate in the Scare Contest. 

Along with everyone else he got  a Scare Champion pin - it was very cute and he had a lot of fun. He could've danced all night but it was time to go soon after.

Jonathan rode with my mom on the Haunted Mansion ride. He enjoyed it.


  1. SO FREAKING ADORABLE! I'm so jealous that Disney is so close for you to enjoy regularly! I've never been to either Disney park and have been dying to go since I was little.

  2. So fun! I would love to do this one year!