October 15, 2014

#MyConversations - Link Up!

I'm once ahead participating in Knock On Wood's bi-monthly Link-up about conversations. Check out her blog and the others who are participating! 

Monday’s thru Wednesday’s I take the kids to school along with my mom. One day as we were getting out of the car my mom asked Jonathan about taking his folder and backpack to school.

Mom: Do you want to take your backpack? Or just your folder? The only thing in your backpack is your folder.

Jonathan: You never know when you’ll need your backpack!

Earlier this year Jonathan decided on his career plans. My brother upgraded his phone so my nephew got one to play with. It was still associated with an open line so he got to make a call or two to me and his dad. One day he told his dad something along the lines of…

Jonathan: Now that I have a phone I can get a job.

David: What kind of Job?

Jonathan: I can open a hot dog stand. I’d be good at that.

After hearing this story I asked Jonathan how to make a hot dog, which he explained to me in detail. My brother and I tried to dissuade him from this career choice, but he is sure that he will be a great hot dog salesman.

Oh, and by the way… he doesn’t eat hot dogs.

Finally, one afternoon my niece complained to her dad that some girls teased her at school about the way she plays volleyball. Jonathan overheard, went to his sister and said:

Jonathan: Nikki, let me tell you something. Bullies will be bullies! 

Not something you usually hear from a 6 year old! 

Knock on Wood


  1. Lol Johnathon sounds like a riot. Opening a hot dog stand and he doesn't eat hot dogs! that's great!

  2. Haha! That's awesome! At least we know he won't be eating all the hot dogs and will be able to sell them!

  3. He talks like me...way to smart for his age 😀