October 24, 2014

Seven Quirks

I was nominated by Melissa (mostly because I forced her to) and then by Amanda to talk about 7 quirky things about me. I tend to think that I am quirky through and through, but let’s get to the specifics. 

So I confess....

  1. I don’t know if this is a quirk – but I cannot stand loose hair to be on my clothing. If I spot a wayward hair it gets pulled off me immediately. I hate that I can’t see behind me to pull those hairs off because I’m sure there are a ton! I like to pull them off other people, too but that sometimes becomes weird.
  2. YET! I can’t stop touching my hair. I am constantly playing with it. More so now that I have my perm than I did beforehand. I’m just so enthralled that my hair is not just limp against my head that I need constant proof that it’s still curly (and it doesn’t matter that I sit next to a huge mirror and can look at it all the time).
  3. Melissa and Amanda have determined that I am quirky in that I can twist my tongue in weird ways and that I can also roll my R’s. Along with that I can move my ears and flare my nostrils – I can even do it at the same time! However I cannot roll my R’s, flare my nostrils, and move my ears all at the same time.
  4. I have issues with textures in my mouth. There are things that I just cannot eat. For example: cream cheese, greek yogurt, guacamole/avocado, and beans (to name a few).
  5. I also have issues with food scents. When I’m done eating my Yoplait Yogurt (Light of course) I need to throw it in the trash upside down or far away from me, because the smell just grosses me out. I love the yogurt and the smell is fine while I eat it, but once I’m done I don’t want it near me.
  6. I like to sleep with the window open even when it gets really cold. I like to be under a bunch of blankets and comforters with my head sticking out into the hold air. My husband doesn’t. Especially since we live near a train station and the trains (especially Amtrak!) are VERY loud.
  7. I cannot think of a seventh one. I just can't.       


  1. Kathy these are great! well done! :) I'm laughing about the hair thing because I do the same thing. I'm always picking off loose hairs. lol

  2. Certain textures freak me out too.

    I have so much hair so I find it on my clothes often.

  3. I have a texture thing too! Squash and tomatoes fall in that category.