October 7, 2014

Weekend Round Up + A Fractured Wrist (Not Mine!)

My time here has been seldom lately. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been super busy and had to put the blog in the back burner until some things were completed.

One of the bigger things was a surprise party I threw for my dad. I had been planning it for several months and it finally occurred this past Saturday.

My dad turned 80! Since we share the same birthday and he has basically handed them over to me the past 30 years, I thought he should be able to have one just for him. I went ahead and invited many people he knew from work (he retired just 3 years ago) and I’m glad I had many show up. I had Stone Fire Grill cater with some pasta and I ordered a cake from the same person who made my wedding cake. It was AMAZING, both in taste and looking at it!

My sister and her family drove down from the Bay Area on Friday night – I think that’s what surprised him the most! He walked in and saw the his daughter and grandkids.

It was an overall success. I’m very thankful to my friend Dante who came over early to help me decorate. She was a life saver. I have learned that I like things to be perfect and I get upset if they aren’t perfect. This is especially true when I have a 12 year old, two 9 year olds, and a 6 year old.  Her arrival was much needed and calmed me down.

After a while the kids got bored and ended up in the swimming pool which they enjoyed very much.

After the party the kids, my dad, and I headed over to my in-law’s where my sister-in-law “threw” a party for my father-in-law’s birthday (which was the day before mine). We stayed there for a while, but I had to head back by 6pm because my mom was waiting to go shopping with my nieces. We spent a nice time at the mall and my mom got the girls some things.

The my sister, brother-in-law and the girls left fairly early on Sunday morning. Jonathan woke up with a rash all over his body.

At first we thought it was Scarlet Fever, however Jonathan lacked the fever part of it. A trip to the Urgent Care that morning declared him free of bacteria but instead with the Adenovirus. Which apparently is a pretty common virus that usually goes by unnoticed because the body fights it off pretty well. However it left Jonathan tired and ready for an early bedtime on Saturday night and with a rash all over this body on Sunday. It seems to have gotten worse since it first showed up. He was held home on Monday but was given permission to go back to school on Tuesday.

My mom, Nikki and I went to place some flowers at my sisters’ niche (something we do just about every Sunday).

And then did some grocery shopping. After which I headed home and watched TV and a movie with Thomas. It was a nice lazy afternoon.

There are some exciting things coming up for me still. Today is my niece’s 10th birthday. On Saturday it is her party – sadly Thomas and I have dentist appointments at the same time. Friday night I’m going with Thomas to some haunted houses which I’m excited about. We didn’t make it last year and I was disappointed. This year Thomas’ cousin began working there so he got us some free tickets (saving us about $40 - $50!). It also means a funnel cake!

On Saturday night we are going to a pumpkin light show which I’m looking forward to! It looks like a lot of fun!

I wrote this at work on Monday. Then I call home to check on my nephew to find out that my dad fell on the stairs Sunday night and was in pain and his arm swollen. I left work at 3pm and took him to the ER. Fractured wrist. 

Waiting to be called back. 

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  1. OUCH at the wrist! that looks super painful, I hope he has a speedy recovery. Glad the party went well; looks like everyone had a blast