October 27, 2014

Weekend Summed Up

I have to say that I love Halloween. I love the traditions in brings. I love the pumpkin carvings. What I'm not loving this year is the heat. We are in a never ending summer in SoCal. It's cooled down quite a bit, but we were still sweltering over the weekend. 

Friday night was the night we had agreed on to carve our pumpkins. We bought a couple a few weeks ago when we went to the fright fair/pumpkin patch. It was a fun adventure. I hadn't carved a pumpkin in many years and only remembered how messy it was. I don't particularly love the feeling of the goo on my hands. Luckily the pumpkin I was working with had little moosh and a lot of drier strings. 

Thomas concentrating on the pumpkin. You can see my design.

We didn't have proper carving tools. We had to take a late night trip to Wal*Mart to pick up a kit. 

I was able to get the top off! Yay! 

Unfortunately we didn't have batteries for the lights, but I will fix that today! 

On Saturday morning I got a call from the LA County Registrar/Recorder's office. I've worked many elections in the last 12 years that I've been old enough to vote (wow, that made me feel old! I've vote in every election and probably worked all except 3 or 4). I had been assigned as a clerk to my local precinct this year but I had told them to place me on the list to be the "inspector" (the boss of the precinct) so on Saturday when someone cancelled they called me to see if I would do it. It's a different precinct, but it's not too far away. Besides, I like being the boss! I had to pick up the supplies that morning. 

An hour or so later I had to go to help my friend to set up her sons' 6th birthday party. It was a nice event that lasted from about noon until past 4pm (when I left). I brought my nephew Jonathan with me (Nikki had a different birthday party to go to). 

My friend and I put together a "pin the bat on the man" game during the week. It was fun. 

After that party we headed to Thomas' cousins' daughters' 1st birthday party. We stayed there for a short while because we had to head over to Red Robin's for my brothers' celebratory birthday dinner (my dad, Nikki, and I were also celebrated. Free meals for all of us and dessert!). 

The kids asked to spend the night after dinner so we brought them home and then watched a movie and stayed up way too late. 

On Sunday morning we played video games and then I headed over to the Pierce Farm Center Halloween Harvest Festival to do the corn maze with my brother and the kids. 

I finished Sunday by doing some grocery shopping and then grilling up some steaks and doing some housework. 

We got some more pumpkins so I'll help the kids carve them this week.

Have a great Monday everyone!