November 1, 2014

List Yourself November: Day 1 - What's Your Name?

Today's starts Amanda Nicole's (from Knock on Wood!) November-Long link-up all about Lists! I love lists. Especially lately because I've been so overwhelmed in all aspects of my life that I haven't had time to put thorough blog posts ideas. 

Follow the link-up and join it at anytime. You don't have to go in order! You can pick and chose the topics you like and post them whenever you want. Just go on back to Knock on Wood and link up your post!  You can grab the button at the bottom of this post! 

While you can post at anytime any topic, I'm going to try to go in order.... so...

Day One: List all the names you’ve been called – endearing and not so.

I LOVE lists!

1.      Katherine
a.     This is my birth name. My mom liked it very much and wished everyone call me this.
2.      Kathy
a.     This is what most people call me. The story goes that I used to call myself “aty” and so Kathy stuck. My mom says she didn’t (doesn’t?) like the name, but it is what it is.
3.      Kath
a.     Only 2 people have ever called me this. First it was my longest friend – Kevin. We met when I was like 4 and he was 2 or 3. Although we are not as close as we were back then, we are still in touch (and he came to my wedding!). My sister-in-law also started calling me Kath. I don’t know why.
4.      Kat
a.     Not many people call me this either. There is one person at work that calls me Kat. I’m not sure why, but hey – it’s not a bad thing to be called.
5.      Lacabe
a.     This is my maiden name it is also now legally my middle name. A few people at work also call me by my last name. No one has started calling me by my married name.
6.      Bicho/Bicho Feo
a.     I haven’t been called this in a long time. It literally means “bug” (or “ugly bug”), but it was a term of endearment that my sister and brother have used on me (and then their own kids) when I was little.
7.      Babe
a.     Thomas and I have adopted these names. We call each other babe or baby constantly. Rarely do we use our actual names.
8.      Bitch
a.     I’m sure I’ve been called this by people at one point or another.
9.      Fat
a.     I’m overweight, I’ve been obese. I’ve been called the name once or twice. Slips right on by me.

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  1. OMG Bicho is adorable!! And I'm right there with you being called Bitch and Fat. Ugh. But it is what it is.