November 10, 2014

Weight Loss... Again!

Here we go again. You’ve read this type of post a hundred times on a dozen or more different blogs.

I need to lose weight. Over the past year I’ve gained about 16-20lbs. I’m not happy.

I’m happy at about 145 to 150lbs.

But I can’t seem to stay on track when it comes to losing the weight. This isn’t my first time around the weight loss wagon. I weighed as much as 196lbs at one point, so I’m still down, but I’m not where I want to be.

I’ve been thinking about what made me successful 3 years ago when I lost the 30lbs. I was working as a receptionist and while we were ordering food all the time, I still somehow got the weight off. I had joined MyFitness Pal and was posting/reading regularly on Reddit’s –LoseIt section. I’ve attempted to get back into doing both these things but I somehow have been unable to stick to either.

Of course my life is different now than then. Back then I had just started dating Thomas. Now I’ve been married to him for half a year (wow!). I’m also at a different job where I sit in front of the computer all day which just makes me want to snack on things.

Something I’ve been doing lately is making excuses. A lot of them. Finding all the reasons why I can’t lose weight and not any of the ways that I can.

So today I remembered something else I did at my previous job that probably helped me with the weight loss. I drank tea. 2 or 3 cups a day. It made me feel full and it was tasty. It fulfilled the need to bring something to my face without adding unnecessary calories.  (I do add Splenda to some of the teas, but not much and at least it’s not sugar!).

I’m also going to start using the MFP app again. And I’m going to try to use the Reddit page as well to get inspired.

That being said, I would love to get suggestions as to other ways I can keep the weight-loss inspiration going when it comes to my blog. I don’t want to bog people down with my journey, but I would like some sort of way to keep myself accountable to get back to 145 to 150lbs.  Maybe a separate page? Maybe a reader that will text or e-mail me about it. Let me know!

Here are my stats as of now:

-          5’2”
-          165lbs
-          Goal of 150lbs

I have hypothyroidism but am on medication so it shouldn’t affect my weight gain/loss. Although I should be getting my most recent results soon.


  1. Losing weight over and over is what I used to do. Always searching back for that "magic formula" ... It wasn't until I started nourishing myself with real food, rest and activity that I lost more weight than ever and have kept it off 1.5 years and will never go back. At some point the number stops mattering when you are free from chemicals, sugar and in my case, grains and wear 3 sizes smaller. If you need a cheerleader, I'm a good one!

  2. Good luck! I know losing weight is not easy.

  3. i need to get back on the fitness bandwagon too. I've fallen off and started wandering way off the beaten path at this point.