November 3, 2014

What Do You Think About When Going Night Night?

I feel that in order to answer this prompt I need to give a little background on how I go to sleep.

On Mondays, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s I take my niece and nephew to school with my mom so I wake up at 6, but on Thursday’s and Friday’s their parents are home so I get to sleep in another hour. However, I’m usually still awake by 6:30 (we live near a train station and there is a train that goes by at6:28 that tends to wake us up).

Either way, by the time 8 or 9 rolls around I’m falling asleep. Thomas usually wakes up closer to 7 and has more willpower that keeps him up doing one thing or another until 10, 11, or later.  This also means that I go to sleep by myself and my husband joins me an hour or two after I go to sleep (on the weekends he may join me when I’m about to get up!).

As I go to sleep I think many things… not limited to:

  • This house is so disorganized! When will I ever find a place for everything!
  • We still haven’t decorated. It’s like we’re playing house and it’s not really ours yet.
  • Looking at the stack of laundry in the corner: I have so much laundry to do and no time to fold or put it away and I don’t even have kids.
  • Why aren’t there any shows I want to watch on right now.
  • Why can’t I  keep my eyes open long enough to watch the shows on the DVR.
  • Did I take my medicine?
  • Did I brush my teeth?
  • Will Thomas turn off the lights before he goes to bed?
  • Should I close the window so that he doesn’t hear the train at night and wake him up? But I love sleeping with the window open! I have discovered  the last few nights that the morning trains wake me up – starting at 5:30, but the ones overnight generally don’t bother me. They all bother Thomas, he says. We live about ¼ mile behind a train station.

At that point I’m usually falling asleep and the window stays open. My husband has been very catering to my wants as far as how the house looks and the windows staying open.

What do you think about when you’re going to sleep?

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  1. Gosh, you sound like me when I'm trying to fall asleep! I would suggest getting a white noise machine though. That might help drown out the sounds from the train.