November 21, 2014

What Fads Did You Partake In?

What a fun topic!!! I am guilty of participating in a ton of different fans while growing up in the 1990’s. Here are the ones I remember.

  • POGs. I still have mine! Thomas thinks his are still in his moms’ garage somewhere. They are fun!

  • Beanie Babies – I still have several of mine. My sister had a huge collection and I’m sure many of them still roam my moms’ house.

  • Trolls – I had trolls growing up, but not too many.

  • Tamagotchi/Nano pet – Yup. I had more than one. I even remember buying it at Mervyn’s. Those were the good times!
  • Pokemon – I didn’t participate in this, but my husband was (is) an expert!
  • Mini backpacks – I know I had one, but I’m sure there were more.
  • Snap bracelets – who doesn’t love these??
  • Scrunchies – I had many of these, although my hair is so thin that they didn’t stay in well.

  • Drunkaroo’s – These are awesome. I actually found some at Wal*Mart a couple of years ago and bought a bunch.  Cinnamon Sugar cookies with frosting. Delicious!

I’m sure some people would add boy bands to the list, but  since Backstreet Boys are still around 21+ years later I think they can be kept off of the fad list.

As I added the pictures to this post I started feeling vey nostalgic. Partly this is due to me sharing a lot of those fads with my sister. Those were the good old days I guess. 

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  1. OMG all of the above! I love, love, LOVE dunkaroos and still have all my pogs!