December 30, 2014

Blogger Men Tell All (Round 4) + My Conversations

I love doing these with Thomas. He is just too funny to ask questions to. 

Me: Okay, before we play I have to ask you the questions.

Him: Oh, yay. I would love to answer questions. 

  • What is one thing you really want for Christmas/the holidays this year?

Him: Already done.

Me: Okay, what did you really want. 

Him: A new pair of headphone. 

Me: Did you get what you want.

Him: Yes. 

  • Does your family generally do Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (or other sorts of) celebrations?

Him: We do Kwanzaa.

Me: You know that's not true. 

Him: Hahaha You know the answer.

Me: Yea, but I am asking the questions for other people, not for myself. 

Him: But you know the answer. 

Me: Why don't you just tell everyone else?

Him: Because you know what it is!

Me: Will you just tell me?

Him: Kwanzaa.

Me: Moving on...

  • What is your favorite part about the Holidays?

Him: Spending time with my loving wife.

Me: This is the first Christmas as husband and wife. What was your favorite part before. 

Him: Winter Break.

  • What's your New Year's Resolution?

Him: I don't do that. 

Me: Why not?

Him: Because it's for ****** lamoes. 

  • Where will you be at the start of 2015?

Him: Right here. 

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