December 16, 2014

First Time Puppy Owner Observations

As I mentioned on my last post, this is my first time being a pet owner. Sure, we’ve had birds and mice and even turtles (my mom still has 2), but I’ve never had a pet that I really took care of or that lived more than a short while.

And they have never been just mine.

Here are my observations on being a puppy owner.

They are so super sweet!  Maybe it’s not all of them (but my guess is that it is) – but Lance is super-duper sweet. If I make kissy noises he will come and give me kisses. I love it!

Training! I know that no two dogs are alike, but I think (and I hope I’m no jinxing myself here) that Lance will be pretty easy to train. He’s got sitting (with treats) down after just a few attempts at it. (Of course, he had a previous owner who may or may not have done some training with him).

Walking! One of the reasons we got a Chihuahua was that he doesn’t necessarily have to go on a walk every day or twice a day. They can easily be condo dogs that get their exercise from running around inside. However, I like taking him out! I’ve always liked walking as my form of exercise (because it doesn’t involve sweating for the most part) and this gives me a great reason to go out.  Lance is a good walker. He knows to stay on the sidewalk and not run. He doesn’t bark at other dogs and he doesn’t jump at strangers.

Sleep Time! This is something I’m pretty sure he was trained on. From the very first night he crawled into the bed I made for him and spent the entire night there.

Food! I get a feeling that he was fed from the table in his previous home. I’ve been giving him a Beggin Strip (mostly because of the commercials). I have also bought him some training treats.

As time goes on… well, I will definitely have more observations.  We started training classes last night and we will go to the vet this afternoon.

Expect more posts on Lance!


  1. Oh my goodness what a doll. I love the Santa suit!

  2. so glad you found him! sounds like he's a perfect dog for y'all. good luck with the continued training

  3. It sounds like you guys are off to a good start! Every dog is different, so googling alternative techniques for problems and training is always a good idea. Try several different things to get the results you are looking for. They key is to stick with it and practice every day!