January 6, 2015

Awesome Things!

I just discovered this link-up and wanted to partake in the fun times!

Amanda was telling me that she does her lists using a theme, so I thought I’d do that this time as well.

Since the newest thing for my family is puppy I wanted to share 10 awesome things about my little guy. 

O N E   He is a cuddle bug! This is one of the reasons I wanted a small dog. I wanted a dog that would curl up with me and nap, Lance definitely does this. 

T W O  Although he is currently a nipper, he is generally a good dog and can be around kids without a problem - something that they say chihuahuas generally don't do. 

T H R E E  While does shed, it's not too much - or at least his tan colored hair is not visible on too much except maybe a couple of of my work pants. 

 F O U R  I get to take nice long walks with him! I always liked walking, but there was nothing that inspired me to actually go out and walk. Lance does that for me! I get a good 30-40 minute walk in the evenings! 

F I V E   He is NOT a barker! Of course he does bark at times, but it's not very common. I haven't found the common thread in his barking, it seems to be at random people. 

S I X   I mentioned before about him being good with kids - but I'd like to add that he is awesome with my niece and nephew. The other night we walked toward their house and when they came close enough for him to see he ran with his tail a wagging. It was most definitely awesome! 

S E V E N   This might be annoying to some people (and I guess sometimes it annoys me) but I think that it is pretty awesome that Lance follows me wherever I go. He definitely prefers me over my husband. As I'm writing this at my desk (and my husbands' desk is in front of mine) Lance is at my feet with his toy. 

E I G H T This might sound strange, but I think it is awesome that Lance hasn't learned to pee by lifting his leg. He pees like a girl. This is perfectly find by me since this means that my couch and walls won't be peed on (since he's still not potty trained!). 

N I N E   Lance is not a tea cup chihuahua, he is probably as big as chihuahuas get (12 lbs at the moment), but I can put him in a shopping bag and take him into stores with me. He behaves well and doesn't bark at people. I love it! 

T E N   Lance loves to play fetch! Luckily we have enough room in the house to throw the toys far away enough for him to run to and get. I think this is one of the best parts of having him around!! 

Side note: Hopefully I'll be doing better this year with pictures... if only I can get ahead of the blogging game and have posts prepared a few days ahead! 


  1. I really just want to play with somebody's puppy then give them back :) We have 2 dogs in our house and I wish we had space for more!!

  2. I could have written this about my dog, when he was a pup! Peed like a girl pup, never barked (still doesnt!) and is great with kids. Aww puppy love :)

  3. Thank you for linking up with me! Puppies ar the absolute best. One of my favorite things about new puppies? The puppy smell. So sweet. One of my dogs is a boy and he started out peeing like a girl....once he grew he started peeing like a boy. :)

  4. sounds like a pretty good puppy! I'd love to get a dog one day soon! Been eyeing off a sausage dog but heard a lot of issues with their backs and little legs...plus i don't think the cat would like it too much :) I love small dogs though!

  5. OMG I love that you chose a theme about Lance! So awesome!

  6. He is a total cutie pie - I loved getting to see him the other night! :) And I love that his name is Lance (and why, lol)! Must figure out what M can name, so I get to name this kiddo!!

  7. Oh my Lance sounds so adorable and so much awesomeness in one cute pup!