January 15, 2015

Co-Hosting.... My Conversations (With Lance)

I'm SOOO excited to be co-hosting My Conversations with Amanda today! Amanda is my oldest bloggy friend (as in I've known her longer than anyone else in these parts) and I love this link-up! 

Amanda previously suggested I use this link-up to share a conversation I have with my puppy, Lance. At first I was skeptical, but she was right! My conversations with Lance are probably the most entertaining ones I have! 

My most recent conversation worth noting with Lance was during our weekly shower together (yea, maybe TMI but you’ll have to deal with it!).

Me: Come on baby! Let’s get a bath! Let’s make you smell yummy!

Lance: Mooom, really? Do we have to? I smell good now!!

Me: No. No you don’t. You smell icky and your fur isn’t soft and smooth, it’s wiry. We have to fix that. Plus, I got you a new lavender scented shampoo.

Lance: Lavender? Umm, well, okay. Maybe that’ll be fine.

I pick Lance up and place him the shower and close the door to the bathroom and the shower behind us.

Me: Okay, let’s get you wet for.

Lance: NOOOO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME???? He scurries to the opposite side of the shower.

Me: Come on sweetie, it’s not bad, it’ll be over quickly. Let’s get this lovely shampoo on you. Mmm! See, it smells good!

Lance: Yea, cause you’re not putting it on yourself.

Me: There we go, all nice and shampooed up! Now you stay there while I do my business.

Lance stands in the corner of the shower, his ears down, while I wash my hair, etc. Once I’m done I put my attention back on him.

Me: See! That wasn’t bad, now we just have to rinse it off and you’ll be ready to get out!

Lance: Uhuh. In the mean time I’ve been standing here like a crazy dog! As he grumbles I rinse off the shampoo. I grab the towel and wrap him in it.

Me: Okay, now you are almost dry, go on, dry yourself off! I place him with the towel on the ground and he proceeds to rub himself on it and go crazy running around and rubbing himself on the towel to dry off.

Lance: Mom! I’m wet! I don’t like being wet! But I like rubbing myself all over the place! Weee!

And that is how a typical shower time with Lance goes.

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  1. Hahah I love it when our dog tries to rub the good smell OFF. Dogs are so crazy!

  2. Hahahaha! Bear hates getting baths too. But it's so necessary!

  3. Aren't they adorable? Bath time is always a challenge though. :)