January 20, 2015

Hometown Dates

When I heard about this link up I knew I wanted to participate.

Thomas and I don’t have a date night set up, but I know that we should. I was talking about it with Amanda recently so I decided to start thinking about and researching things that we can do for date nights. I’ve come up with the following list and I’m hoping we can do all of these in the next year – every time we do one I’ll post about it and check it off the list!

O N E  Movies: This is an easy one. We both love to watch movies so going out for movies is an easy, no planning type of night. Of course that’s if there are any movies we want to watch. We’ll buy some popcorn (and I’ll bring the candy from the Dollar Tree).

T W O  Bowling: I hadn’t been in a long time until recently and it was so much fun! We did go with our families that day, but I think it would be fun just the two of us as well.

T H R E E  Hiking: Thomas and I haven’t done a lot of this – mostly because he is not a fan of it, but I love to go hiking. There is a trail that leads of to the Hollywood Sign that I’ve been wanting to go to, so I think we’ll be doing that one of these days.

F O U R Santa Monica: Thomas and I went here on one of our first dates but we haven’t gone back since. I’d like to and go on the famous Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier. Thomas was hesitant to this (but let’s be honest about any of these – if it involves leaving the house he’ll be hesitant).

F I V E Games: Although we wouldn’t be going out for this, I know what Thomas would love more than anything is to stay in and for me to play video games with him. He just got me started on World of Warcraft with him and I’m starting to like it.

S I X Miniature Golfing: This is something else I haven’t done in a long time but I think it would be fun to do together. There is a nice one not too far away and then an indoor glow in the dark one that I would like to try as well.

S E V E N Rock Climbing: Nothing extreme, but there is a nice set of rocks a mile or so from our house and I’ve climbed many times and I think would be fun to do with him. We can bring some lunch with us and eat on a nice flat rock at the top that overlooks The Valley (yes, I capitalize both words).

I'm hoping to start on this soon! Yay for Date Nights!

Where is your favorite date night location?

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  1. GLOW IN THE DARK MINIGOLF???? Where do I sign up!?

  2. I always bring candy to the movies from outside. I'm cheap and the candy at the theater just costs too much!

  3. Rock climbing! Awesome! and I need to try this glow in the dark mini golf thing....

  4. haha " if it involves leaving the house he’ll be hesitant." i totally feel the same a lot of the time :) ohhh rock climbing is fun- i want to do that again. better work on my arm strength first...

  5. Definitely! The same ones are a buck at the Dollar Tree! Why would I spend $4???

  6. I haven't been to it in years but I remember it being so much fun!

  7. This rock formation isn't too hard but it's tons of fun!

  8. Mini golf is always a good time! And good thinking on the dollar store snacks to sneak into a movie!