January 13, 2015

Let's Trade Buttons!

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Part of my re-vamping of my blog is not only posting more often, being part of link-ups, and having an awesome design - it's also becoming part of this blogging community. 

I would like to eventually put up a sponsor page, but I want to get my views higher before I venture into that (and also learn more about what I need and should do with sponsors). 

In the meantime I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to exchange buttons with some of you lovely ladies (and maybe gentleman?). If any of you are interested in exchanging buttons with me please let me know by commenting or send me an e-mail or even smoke signals should work! 


  1. Hi Kathy! I'd love to - check out my sponsor page and choose "button swap"! :)

  2. I'd love to button swap... what do I do?! :) I have a button that's all I know hahaha!

  3. I'd love to! I'm actually in the process of revamping everything too! I'm working up an email to send to @Amanda Nicole | Knock on Wood now for a new layout!

  4. Yay!!!! If you take any of my buttons I'll grab one of yours!