January 9, 2015

Re-Start (Again)

I was doing pretty well with blogging and commenting for a while last summer, then came September and I was basically on the go, go, go until now. Something was happening the entire time and blogging definitely was placed on the back burner.

After participating on a video chat with some lovely bloggers on Sunday evening I am feeling like I can finally get back into the groove of keeping up my blog and also branching out a little bit.  

I felt like I needed a picture. My family on XMas Eve!

I will be looking for a couple of blogs to sponsor to start off and get my feet wet. I’m also going to look into all the fanciness of having tweets prepared.

I feel very lucky to have the readers I have now and all the comments I get. I think the increase I felt was also partly my inspiration to get this going even more.

I’ve always blamed being too busy on not putting too much into the blog, but I like blogging. While I don’t plan on making it a business I want to dedicate time to it because it makes me happy. I have to stop doing things that don’t make me happy and strive to keep me first.

My house is still not unpacked completely (I just cannot get the office organized!), but I’m hoping that me wanting to blog more will help me in achieving the organization of the office. (Although I now have a huge gaping hole in the wall – more on that later).

Anyway – I hope you stick around, I hope you tell your friends about me and I can’t wait to keep reading you all and making even more friends!


  1. I'm so excited that you are so excited about getting your blogging groove back!

  2. Yayyy! I look forward to reading your blog in the future:)