February 17, 2015

Blog Dates - Monthly Link Up

As you might have guessed from previous posts – I’m not too much of a social person. I want to be, but I’m socially awkward so I tend to stick to family.

But if I were to have the opportunity to have a blate (and I welcome them – so if you live in Los Angeles let me know!) there are a few places I’d love to go to that my husband Is not too fond of. These are also places to go and things to do for visiting Bloggers.

O N E: Santa Monica Promenade and Pier: I’ve been here with him in the past, but I wanted to do the touristy thing. I want to ride the rides and eat the food. I also want to go in and out of the shops. Not to mention the drinks!

T W O: Malibu: It’s always beach time around here. I’m writing this on February 13th at around 1pmand it’s currently 90* outside. Yea. Always beach time here. I never go to the beach because I have no one to go with (other than the kids) so this would be perfect for a Blate.

T H R E E:  Hollywood Tour  There is no lack of Hollywood tours out here. I did one with my parents-in-law a year or two ago and it was pretty fun. It showed us current homes and movie stars and also those of stars that are no longer around. They all start along Hollywood Blvd so either before or after we can take a walk down the boulevard and check out the stars (on the ground, that is) and visit a landmark or two.

F O U R: Universal City Walk  I don’t think you can leave LA without taking a look at City Walk and then possibly also Universal Studios. We have plenty of theme parks here, but Universal Studios is probably my favorite. Has rides for everyone and isn’t nearly as packed as Disneyland. City Walk is a nice experience and the stores are nifty. It also has a great Brazilian place to try and have drinks and then there is always the movie theater to catch a flick!

F I V E: Drinks No Blate would be complete without some drinks! There are tons of places to have some drinks in Los Angeles, but the one I think would be the most fun would be at the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown LA. It has a spinning dining room so you can enjoy some appetizers and some drinks while enjoy the view of the city in 365*!

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  1. I want to go to the beach!! *whines!!!* it's 33* here, so yeah... please send beach weather! It's one of my favorite places!

  2. Umm yeah, you totally sold me on LA. A spinning bar and 90 degrees in Feb? Sounds amazing!

  3. I have done quite a few things on this list!! But I'd love to do them all again haha

  4. Sounds SO delightful!! I want to do all of it. I've only been to California once, my friend was married at the LDS New Port Beach Temple. Not sure where that is in relation to you. It was neat being there, but such a quick trip I didn't get to see much.

  5. Oh that sounds so fun!! I'm definitely going to have to come visit you soon!

  6. I'm not too far from Newport Beach.... maybe 40 minutes or so. You should definitely come back and visit me!

  7. It's too hot, though!! I'll send some your way!

  8. I'm not a big beach person but I'd go on a Blate with you!