February 10, 2015

DIY Valentines Day Gift - Cheap & Easy

Anne from Love the Here & Now came up with these Valentine Day blogging prompts and it reminded me of this DIY gift that I gave my husband (then boyfriend) a few years ago. Check out her prompts HERE

I actually made this for my husband (boyfriend at the time) for… well, it must have been our 1st anniversary of dating in 2012. I wanted something cheap and creative and meaningful. I don’t remember where I got the idea, but it was fun and easy to make.

52 Weeks of Love

This is pretty self-explanatory, but why not do the whole process?

Deck of cards
Paper (of whatever color you want)
Shaped scissors
Glue stick
Single hole puncher
Book ring

O N E // Come up with 52 things you love about your significant other. I know, 52 can be hard or at least daunting – but you can come up with that many. Get silly. I think I put something like about loving the way he dresses. Get creative!

T W O // Write the 52 things on paper – whichever colors you want. Make sure you write it in a way that when you cut the paper you can paste it onto the cards (so don’t make it too big). I used a black sharpie, but you may want to use different colors. It’s totally up to you.

T H R E E // Try your best to line up as many of the cards as possible and make a hole in the top left of the cards. Try to get the hole in the same place on each card so that it looks better in the end.

F O U R // Decide if there is an order to the things you wrote down. The only order I did was to not have the same color come up twice. Other than that I just put it together randomly.

F I V E // Cut out what you wrote using the shaped scissors.

S I X //  Glue them down on each card. I did this on the side with the numbers, but you can totally glue them on the back of the card. I found that glue sticks work the best – but make sure it’s Elmer’s and not a store brand – those tend to un-stick.

S E V E N // After they are dry go ahead and put each card into the book ring.

E I G H T // Last step for me was to write something on the top card and add the date.

My husband is not the most emotional person and he doesn’t necessarily appreciate these gestures, but I loved the way it turned out. He did end up reading through it, though.

Let me know if you make one!

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