February 24, 2015

Earth Balance Reivew

It's okay that I chose something organic and delicious to cook! It's also okay that it was free! 

I received a coupon for a free Earth Balance product, however all opinions are mine alone. 

At Wal*Mart they had 4 different options in the butter section. I went back and forth over them. They had the Original, Soy, and Organic and then the Coconut spread.

I love coconut flavors. My mother-in-law always made a delicious onion mushroom combination using coconut oil and I loved it. Maybe I could replicate the taste with this one! I grabbed it off the shelf immediately.

I’ve been counting calories for weight loss lately and so what I usually eat as a side to my main dish is cut up onions and mushrooms – both are very low in calories. I usually sautee them with a little bit of olive oil, which is 120 calories per tablespoon. This spread is only 100! Score! (The original is only 80!). I used 1 – 1 ½  tablespoons to cook enough onions and mushrooms for 2 servings (at least).

I melted half the spread and then added the onions and finally the mushrooms. After cooking it for a couple of minutes I went ahead and added the other half of the spread on top and let it simmer for another 15 minutes or so (while I finished cooking the rest of my meal and my husbands’).

The verdict was that it was DELICIOUS! The onions and mushrooms had the perfect amount of coconut flavor. It added the extra oomph that the side dish needed to make me not grow tired of it. I will definitely use it again for my next batch.

I will try to cut the amount I use and see if it still tastes good so that I can cut down on the calories I eat. If there were any way for them to cut the calories by 10 or 20 it would make me happier, but I will definitely buy it again!

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