February 9, 2015

Grateful Monday - Coworker Edition

Some of you may not find this to be a grateful post, an I understand that. But I need to vent and maybe even get some of your opinions on the matter. 

My gratefulness is that I think I am not this type of person, or I hope I'm not. And I'm also grateful to have this place to come to, vent, and get feedback from all of you lovely gals. 

With that said....

At my job we have supervisors, deputies and directors. That is the chain of command. On Thursday my supervisor was out and in the afternoon our deputy came over to where my friend and I sit. He asked her to go see him right before the end of her day and told me to go right before the end of my day (I get off 30 minutes after she does). 

My friend comes back after her meeting and warns me that the reason is that an accusation has been made. The deputy hadn't said the accusation was made against my friend... which meant it was probably against me. The person making the accusation is a known trouble maker. She is the type of person who very few people like. She is rude to people and acts as though she is God's gift to the planet. She brags about how great she is at everything she does and that she is the most knowledgable person around. She used to be in our unit, but they re-did the units almost a year ago and she was put in a different unit - however she didn't change cubicles. 

Guess where her cubicle is. Next to mine. We share a wall - a high one, so we don't see each other, but we can definitely hear each other. She is particularly loud so most people within 100 feet or so can hear her. She likes to get into other people's business. 

When I go into the deputy's office he tells me that this lady, let's call her V, accused me of "talking about bra sizes and breast feeding" as well as "making faces at her" which made her feel as she was being harassed. 

It was hard not to laugh when he told me this. I didn't though. I told him that it never happened. That I as not 5 and therefore did not make faces at people. I do smile, at everyone, at work - even the people I don't like. I told him that the last interaction I had was back in June when I got back from my honeymoon - I gave her a keychain from Argentina. 

He wanted me to sign something, but I refused without a Union Rep being with me. 

Apparently Internal Affairs will be involved and I will be interviewed regarding this. 

I plan on filing a complaint about her. This is not the first time that she has made a complaint against me. An unfounded ridiculous complaint. While I had not done anything after the first one - because I figured if she kept to herself I would, too - I feel that if I let this go it will just let her know that she can do whatever she wants and she'll get away with it. 

It amazes me how she can lie and make things up so easily. How she can try to put people down and make them out to be something they are not. How she can try and get people in trouble just because. 

So I'm thankful that I am not like her. That I don't go around trying to be mean to other people. Trying to ruin people's days. That's a good thing to be grateful for, right?

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  1. Yuck! I hope that you get this figured out! I hate people that do things like that...they really need to get a life!

  2. What the crap? Seriously this woman is just looking for attention, but because she's doing this for a second time I think you are right in taking action against her. For the life of me I have no idea how someone could think that you are a mean or offensive person.

  3. Like Amanda said it sounds like she's looking for attention but only getting negative attention. I think you're a great person!

  4. Thank you so much for the support!! I appreciate the kind words! Really builds me up!

  5. Ugh. People like that stink. Sounds like she has a chip on her shoulder for some reason and fixated on you as the one to take it out on - best route is the high road! Ignore her, don't engage in person, and make sure your complaint about the situation is filed too now that she's done it again. (PS - what is the problem with talking about breastfeeding...? Isn't that just a natural life action?!) Good luck!! I hope it all dies down and without further incident.

  6. I totally agree!!! It's not as thought it was sexual harassment or anything of the sort. Maybe if she was a man then I would understand them being uncomfortable. Thanks for the advise!!!