February 5, 2015

I Am Beautiful - Link Up

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I wouldn’t say that I ever suffered from feeling ugly or fat as a teenager – the time where we all think is the hardest time for girls (and boys). I was in my own world with my group, I had no interest in being popular, I was happy where I was.

It’s been more evident as an adult that I have self-esteem issues that I should deal with.

Mine come not in the form of not being pretty or skinny enough (although I am trying to lose weight for my own good). It’s more so in what I say and do. I’ve always attributed to social anxiety – but many around me would argue that I don’t have that. They say I’m too friendly to have social anxiety.

Maybe I don’t, maybe it is just a self-esteem issue and calling it anxiety makes it sound better somehow?

Let me explain…

I am constantly worried about what others are thinking about me. Not about my looks, but about what I say and do. I feel that I am inadequate. I always say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I think it is founded in some cases, but in some I have to remind myself and they couldn’t care less about what I’m doing or saying.

It is definitely something that is a work in progress. Does anyone else have this “problem”?
Treasure Tromp

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  1. I think this is something a lot of people deal with. We're constantly bombarded with images of stick thin models and being a hater is more in style than being nice.

  2. Yes, I always worry people think I'm crazy. Maybe I am slightly crazy though.

  3. I think you aren't alone...because I used to feel this way. I was often embarrassed if people didn't laugh at times I thought I was funny or didn't want to say the "uncool thing". I don't know if I grew out of it or just gained confidence in the goofy girl that I am. Being you is the coolest thing we can be though :) THanks for linking up!

  4. I think lots of us worry about how we come across to others, but we must be true to ourselves.