February 25, 2015

Wednesday Wishes: Husband Style

My wishes for today are for my husband.

He will be having surgery tomorrow to have his tonsils removed as well as to fix his deviated septum.

It’s not a huge surgery, but anytime you go under general anesthesia it can become a big deal (my sister was given too much and her heart stopped!). I took the day off work to accompany  him to the hospital (even though he said I didn’t need to). As long as everything goes well he should be released the same day. On Friday I’ll probably drop him off at his mom’s house in the morning so that she can look after him and then I’ll pick him up after work.

I’m not really nervous for the operation itself – more so for the recovery. You know how they say that women can stand more pain than men? Yea, this is what worries me. I’ve loaded up in soup, protein shakes, ice cream, and other things he’ll be able to tolerate. I’ve picked up his pain medication so we should be all set.

Still – help me wish that his operation goes smoothly and that his recovery is just as quick as the operation will be!

Love the Here and Now
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  1. I hope everything goes okay for your husband!

  2. I'll be thinking of you guys. Be prepared...day 2 and 3 of recovery can be tough. Not sure why but be prepared. Pain meds and a sympathetic wife should help alleviate that!

  3. Prayers for your hubby, Kathy! Surgery is never fun but at least he'll feel better when he heals!

  4. Thanks so much Anne. This is the first big surgery he has while we've been together... so I'm trying to brace myself!

  5. Thanks Amber!!! I appreciate your support!

  6. I'm praying for your hubby! I had mine removed at 19 and my ENT told me to be prepared because it was going to be a rough recovery. He said it's much worse for adults than children and that he had been told by patients it was worse that recovery from heart surgery. It was really rough. I was on painkillers the entire two weeks I was allowed to take them. Like @Anne @ Love the Here and Now said, days 2 and 3 are the worst because I think at that point most of the IV drugs have left your system. I'm not trying to scare you, just prepare you he might have a rough week or two.

  7. I hope everything went well and that he recovers quickly!