March 30, 2015

He Drives Me Crazy, But I Still Love My Puppy

I'm so excited that Christine reached out to write about our doggies! Don't forget to check out her post over at: So-Called Homemaker! We both have dogs that we love but that sometimes drive us crazy, so we wanted to share our frustrations and the reasons why we love our babies so much! 

I’m new to having pets. I thought I was prepared for a dog… but after having Lance for a few months I realized that there are things I wasn’t ready for and that drive me crazy!

O N E – Potty training. I have not been able to potty train him to save my life. Maybe half the time he goes number two on our balcony, but pee is generally on our carpet. He will not use a pad. I even got him one of those fake grass things and he won’t use it. I’ll give him credit, though, he is good at going outside when I take him. I just can only take him in the evenings and that does not seem to be enough for him.

T W O – Chewing things. At first he seemed perfect, he kept to his toys. But it has gotten out of hand. He has chewed up the carpet and pulled it up from the wall and gotten to the stuff under the carpet.  He will also grab anything off our coffee table and start trying to eat it – including my husbands’ antibiotics (don’t worry, it was Keflex which dogs use, so he was fine!). I know this is probably our fault, but it’s so frustrating!

T H R E E – Biting/nipping. This is probably a puppy thing, and he’s still working on dropping his last baby tooth, but I am tired of it. Putting on pants, sitting on the cough, petting him… he wants to nip at your hands and feet.

All of these things have made my husband and I consider that maybe he is not the right dog for us and that we are not the right humans for him. He might need a yard or someone that can take him out more than once a day. We got a Chihuahua because it was recommended for condos… but he is one big Chihuahua.

HOWEVER I really do not want to give up on him or us. When I started to really think about giving him away (to a good home, not a pound or anywhere that he won’t be loved) it made me very sad. I have definitely grown to love him and so has my husband (much more than either of us expected, I think).

Lance is VERY loving. In the morning his favorite thing to do is to come and lay on my lap for an extended morning sleep. When I come home he jumps up on me, letting me know much he loves me. When I take him for walks and we meet up with my mom, niece, and nephew he can spot them from a block away and suddenly his tail begins to wag and he butt shakes and his ears go down, showing them that he is happy to see them!

Lately he has taken to put his head under my chin in burrowing into my shoulder and just staying there - it feels like it's his way of hugging me. It's the sweetest most amazing feeling. 

So even though he can drive us crazy and we'll have to change our carpets sometime soon, the love he provides us is more than enough to keep him around. 
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  1. Oh this is adorable! Pets sure do change your life.

  2. Oh man, pets are such hard work! I'm glad you guys aren't giving up, though! He seems really happy to have your love! Trying replacing the items he tries to chew (like carpet, hands, etc.) with a toy or bone. And treat him when he chews on the correct things :) Good luck!!

  3. I feel you, I have now 6 month old puppy. He was 3 month old when I got him and I went trough all of the stuff you mentioned and some more. I think you two are great doggy parents. :) Potty training: every dog is unique, but in general they "should" hold their bladder 1h for every month age (6 month od=6h -> my Max holds for about 5 hours), but dogs can hold their bladder for 8h maximum. Did you try with positive reinforcement? Some dogs pee when they are home alone, because they are lonely. Chewing: I tried acting like a puppy myself: when he would bite me too hard, I yelped, wait till he releases my hand and turned away. In about a month he stopped biting me strong. Dogs love chewing toys, bully sticks, dried pigs ears... Try that as a subtitute for your hand. ;) I'm sorry for my english, I'm not native and never learned it in school. Dont lose hope, be patient and consistent. :)

  4. Have you tried crate training him? Usually if you get a crate the right size for the dog they won't mess in the crate because they don't want to be in it all day too. That should also help with the chewing things when y'all aren't around.

  5. I feel similarly about my cat. Sometimes she drives me crazy, but she's so sweet that I can't help but love her anyway. She does the nipping thing when she gets overly excited or when she wants to play and I don't... she's also just very needy.

    I don't think I could handle a dog at this juncture in my life. All of the things you mentioned are just so overwhelming to me. Dogs are great companions, but they are so much work! I'm sure that Lance will get easier as he gets older and settles down more. Props to you for all the work you put in!

  6. Thanks for the advice! WE are trying our best!

  7. He actually holds his bladder all day when I'm at work and goes after I get home - so a good full work days amount, but he won't over night I guess - which I understand, but I want him to pee on a pad or outside, not on my carpet! And your English was perfect!

  8. I'm in the process of crate training - the problem is that he pees when he's with us, not during the day when we aren't home. But I'm going to keep working on it!

  9. I can totally understand not being ready for a dog... i probably should have studied more and found a better obedience place to take him - but ah well. I agree that I hope he settles down as he gets older!!