March 3, 2015

Ten Awesome Things.... About Rain

As you may know I live in a non-rainy place – Los Angeles.  Which is unfortunate for me because I love the rain (although not enough to want to move anywhere else) so when it does rain I get super excited. For some reason, though, it only seems to rain at night time so I don’t get to appreciate it as much as I could.

This weekend  we had a couple of storms come through which let me enjoy daytime rain. In honor of these storms today’s post is all about rain!

O N E – It’s great for our dried up reserves. It’s no secret the California is in a drought (we usually are) and that this winter has been SUPER dry (hey East Coast, send some of that snow this way!) so getting these storms is helpful – we still need a lot more, though!

T W O – It makes us appreciate the sun more. There is that saying that you can’t know what happiness is unless you know what sadness is. The same goes for rain and sunshine. Without the rain would you appreciate the sun? (And the sun all the freaking time makes me appreciate the rain more).

T H R E E – It smells good! You know what I’m talking about! The smell of the concrete becoming wet. The fresh air. It’s all great, or is it just me? (maybe this is because it doesn’t happen often)

F O U R – Splashing in puddles! I love wearing my tall rain boots and walking in the puddles (as long as I don’t splash myself, that is). I also love going a good speed through big accumulations of water. There are lots of these here when it rains because our gutters are all clogged up. There is one street near me that for a good 3 miles gets so backed up with rain water that small cars cannot use the right lane. So much fun!

F I V E – The sound of it on the windows. As I’m typing this on Monday afternoon at work, I can hear (on and off) the pitter patter of the droplets on the window. I also love this at home. We have a skylight in our bedroom and at night the rain is loud against the skylight. It annoys Thomas, but I love it! Surround sound rain! (the window is on the opposite side of the room from the skylight).

S I X – An excuse to cuddle up and watch a movie. Not that we really need an excuse, but it does make it easier to want to do this. I love sitting on the couch, the sliding glass door open and a blanket pulled up around me watching something. Bliss.

S E V E N – Hail/Thunderstorm - even more rare than rain around here is hail and thunderstorms. This past storm had both. I didn't get to experience the hail myself but my niece and nephew got pelted on it on Sunday when they went to the Griffith Observatory and on Monday on the way home from school. Jealous!

E I G H T - Snow! No, it doesn't snow where I live. At least not on the ground. But within an hours' drive there can be plenty. Unfortunately this has not happened in a couple of years. Rather, it has snowed but it hasn't stuck around more than a few hours making snow play not really an option. 

N I N E - Rainbows! Without rain there can't be rainbows!! 

T E N - Walking in the rain. Beyond splashing in puddles - it's fun to just walk in the rain, even if with an umbrella. There is something nice about enjoying the storms all around you. 
Love the Here and Now

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  1. I totally agree, there is nothing more peaceful than a nice rainstorm! BUT unlike you I can only appreciate them every once in a while because I tend to go shack-whack if I'm forced to stay in the house too long! lol

  2. I love the sound of rain. Also splashing about in puddles!

  3. if we'd get a break from the rain maybe I'd love it more. mostly I don't like it because the kids are stuck inside all day during winter rain

  4. Send me some rain and I'll send you some sunshine!

  5. I can't imagine your weather pattern as it seems so completely opposite than mine! That's the East coast for you! Rainbows are amazing aren't they?

  6. Man I do not miss the CA droughts. What a headache. I also don't miss the wildfires.

  7. I like rain. I don't like the mud it leaves behind. Mud and a white dog do not mix...

  8. I love the rain! I love to sit at an open window with a book when it's raining outside.

  9. They are great, especially when we don't see them! Come visit me and get a taste of sunshine all the time!

  10. We've been pretty good on wildfires lately. I don't remember the last one. *knock on wood*

  11. YES! EXACTLY!!! That is what I would love to be able to do more often!