March 23, 2015

When Puppy Love Drives You Crazy

I'll be the first to admit that being a fur mom is not always easy - I've definitely learned that in the past few months. 

But the love that pets bring to a household is more than enough to make up for it. I'll go into detail about it with Christine later this month, but I wanted to share this video today. 

I'm grateful for the love that my little pooch brings to me. 

You gotta love the way this still looks! 

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  1. Pets really just make your heart burst. I love my cat so much that it's hard for me to even think or imagine my life without him as silly as that seems.

  2. hahaha! he's like "Moooommmmm pay attention to meee!"

  3. Oh definitely! He ALWAYS wants attention!

  4. Oh it doesn't sound silly at all! They are part of the family!