April 6, 2015

Madlen's Delight - A Delightfully Unique Snack

I discovered Madlen’s Delight while browsing the Farmer’s Market at the             hospital where Thomas had his surgery a few weeks ago.

Their booth was attractive – very colorful and bright. The two women working it were friendly and open to me as I walked up to the booth. They had samples available of all their products (except for the Almond because they had sold out!). I asked to taste each one and they gladly obliged.


As I tasted their product I was told by the mother-daughter team that their treats are made with organic brown rice syrup, organic coconut oil, and organic coconut sugar. They also mentioned something that was really the selling point for me:  low glycemic index.

Both my parents are diabetic and so this would be a great snack for them.

As I mentioned, the company consists of a mother and daughter who are currently making the product in their home kitchen. They have 4 different flavors:

Cashew Crunch
Sesame Crunch
Almond Crunch
Pepitas Crunch

My friend and I sat down to try the different flavors, I was curious to see each of our opinions on the products.

Cashew Crunch –

Kathy: The Cashew Crunch starts with a slightly sweet flavor of the coconut sugar glaze and then the cashew flavor comes through. At first I thought I would want more of the sweet flavor because the cashew flavor is strong, but after trying it again later on it felt like the perfect combination.

Dante:  This is her favorite nut so she knew this would be her favorite immediately. Unlike me, Dante tasted a lot of sweetness and less of the cashew flavor. She definitely gave this one a thumbs up!

I then shared the Cashew Crunch with another friend who told me beforehand that she did not like cashews. After trying all the flavors she said that the Cashew Crunch was her favorite!

Sesame Crunch –

Kathy: I’m not too familiar with eating sesame (other than on burger buns) so I was interested to try something new. It definitely has a unique taste. It is nice and light and I feel like it has a toasted flavor.

Dante:  She felt like the flavor was robust. She could taste the sweetness and the sesame pretty evenly. She said it was airy and light.

Almond Crunch –

Kathy: I’m not a huge almond lover but this was very tasty and has a good crunch. The coconut sugar made it sweet, however it doesn’t have a strong almond taste. This can either be good or bad, depending on your likes. I found it good, especially compared to how much the cashew crunch still tasted like cashews to me.

Dante: She found it slightly hard and crunchy, and least in comparison to the others. Unlike me, she tasted more of the almond and less sweetness. She felt like it had a bitter after taste.

Pepita Crunch –

Kathy: This is the flavor that I liked the best. It’s not a seed that I’ve had before but I am not definitely a fan of it. I like its uniqueness and the sweetness.

Dante: She found the Pepita Crunch smooth with a flaky type of feel and that it comes apart easily – but not in a bad way.

My friend and I rated the four kinds in the order we would chose them – we would buy any of them again, because they are ALL delicious.

You can purchase any of these flavors at: http://www.madlensdelight.com.

I also wanted to wish my husband a VERY happy birthday today! He is the big 3-0! He caught up to me in age - at least for the next 6 months! 

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