May 25, 2015

Work Drama & Gratefulness

Life is very crazy right now. Soon after I wrote my last post there began to be a lot of upheaval at work. 

Unfortunately, because it is all sensitive and private information I can't discuss it on here. Which sucks because I really do need to vent about the whole situation. 

What I can share is that I was forced out of the unit that I had been in for over 2 years (with a supervisor I adore and co-workers I get along with) and moved across the office. 

I'm hoping that it all ends up for the best and makes it so that I can transfer to a different office that is closer to home as well as one in which I will be able to do more. 

But the in-between is really driving me nuts. The anxiety I have had under control for years flared up and I had to get a prescription to help with it. 

Our breaks were also cut from 25 minutes to 15 minutes - and man, those 10 minutes make a big difference. So on top of being in meetings and pushed from one cubicle to another, my blog writing time has all but disappeared. 

I'm grateful, though, this Monday. Grateful for the amazing co-workers who have stood by me and helped to guide me through this difficult time at work. When something like this happens you really find out who your true friends are, and several have stepped up to the plate for me and made me feel truly loved and cared about. 

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