October 16, 2016


July 11 th 2016 – This is the date that I got the blazing positive pregnancy test that let me know that you were inside of me. I tested the day before and had a faint line that I took for a positive but it was faint enough that not everyone saw it as a positive. On Monday the 11 th I went to work and held my pee all morning. At lunch time I went home and took another test. It was clear that we were once again pregnant. My cycles have been off since coming off of birth control in October 2015. I had a short cycle of just 24 days followed by a 41 day cycle and then a third cycle in which I conceived in mid-January on cycle day 41. I miscarried that pregnancy on March 16 th 2016. Following the miscarriage I had a 43 day cycle, a 36 day cycle, then during the next cycle I ovulated on cycle day 28 and conceived you.

Since my cycles were anything but regular I had to use OPKs (ovulation prediction kits/tests) to see when I would ovulate so I could be sure to get pregnant. I used them in January when I got pregnant so I knew they worked if I was patient. Thanks to the OPK I was able to know exactly how far along I was when the pregnancy test came back positive. That 11 the of July I was barely 3 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

I called to schedule an intake appointment right away and went in for blood work on July 18 th . I was so happy to get results back that showed that my HCG (the pregnancy hormone) was at 637. (I went back 2 days later to make sure it doubled as it should, and it did! On July 22 nd the results were 3586!). I also had a glucose test which I passed by the skin of my teeth (scoring 134mg/dL which is the highest you can get without having to do the 3 hour test!).

My first appointment with the OBGYN (Dr. K) was on July 29 th at 6 weeks pregnant. I have to admit that I cried so hard at this appointment that people might have thought I had received bad news. The emotion of them finding you there with a heartbeat was incredible. My tears were for the happiness of having you inside of me and also for the loss of just a few months before. I was relieved but so nervous and anxious about what could come.

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