November 6, 2016


Since Dr. K saw how distraught I was (and it was all subconscious, I didn’t plan on crying, it just came out naturally) she offered to give me ultrasound appointments every 2 weeks so I can be reassured that everything was fine (I knew I couldn’t go 3 weeks like I did in March). This has been so helpful to me. Each ultrasound I have been to, has given be less and less anxiety. The following ultrasounds (at 8, 10, and 12 weeks) progressively got better. We saw your heart beating at 8 weeks, and heard it loud and clear at 10 weeks.

While each ultrasound made me feel better, the fear of losing you was (and is) strong. I purchased a home Doppler to listen to your heartbeat from him. I started to try at around 8 weeks but I knew it was still very early. Finally at 11 weeks, 5 days, 2 days before our next ultrasound I was able to spot you. It was incredible. You heartbeat is so fast and seems so sure. It gave me a confidence boost that I (and daddy) needed. 

At the 12 week ultra sound on September 9th I was feeling good and for the first time I was able to feel completely happy. I didn’t make it this far during my first pregnancy so to see you shaped like a baby (and not a peanut or alien) was great. We could clearly see your head and body and even your arms and legs.
You were moving around and even waving at us! It was the sweetest and cutest thing I had ever seen. Your cousin Nikki was there and got to take video so we will forever have it saved. Some day you will gush about how little and cute you were at 12 weeks gestation!

I had figured that I would not be given another appointment for a while since with this one we are just about at the 2 nd trimester where chances of miscarriage drop significantly. I had also thought I would feel that I didn’t need to come back. However the midwife asked when I wanted to come back and that it was up to me. I told her that in 3 weeks would be perfect since I would be having the Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound in a week. Ask and it will be done.

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