November 11, 2016


I had let your dad know that as soon as we had a positive I wanted to tell my family and there really wasn’t an argument, it was just what was going to happen. I sent pictures to them daily of the progression of my home pregnancy tests and Nikki was there when I took the one during my lunch
hour on the 11 th .
I actually wanted to tell everyone as soon as we knew, however I had to respect you dad’s feelings and opinions. We had told everyone about your angel sibling just 5 days before finding out that they had passed away. He did not want to go through having to tell people about a miscarriage again.
I did convince him to tell his parents pretty early on. They were very supportive and I knew that if we lost you we would need their support (I also knew I would tell the world either way). Daddy’s mom wants to be called Nana, but daddy wants you to call her grandma (we shall have to see who wins!). Nana wanted to tell her mom, Grandma C, and we told her that was fine.
As I mentioned previously I also told my co-workers at about 8 weeks because my belly was getting to difficult to hide (and we are in summer so no jackets or sweaters!). At about 9 weeks I told my extended family in Argentina who are so incredibly supportive and happy for you to be on the way! I don’t know what I would do without them! At the point that I conceived you 5 of my cousins were expecting babies! As of now 2 of them have given birth. Of the six, 2 are boys and 3 are girls… we shall have to wait and see which team you join!
After our 10 weeks ultrasound daddy felt pretty comfortable in telling people. We had seen and heard the heartbeat and we had read that the chances of a miscarriage at this point were less than 1% (and he knew I was anxious to tell people!).
It was important to me for daddy to tell his sisters first and personally before we announced on Facebook. Right after our appointment he called them to let them know.
With the help of my dear friend Amanda we put together a graphic that I posted that night on Facebook letting the world know you were on your way!
Everyone is super excited and ready to meet you!

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